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Bliss- Aum Lotus Necklace

Creating beautiful pieces that make you feel special is crucial to me, which is why I wanted to include this incredibly meaningful necklace.

Featuring the symbol of Aum, the Lotus and all seven chakras in one piece, it is a representation of the combined power of all!

A Lotus flower symbolises rebirth and purity. The lotus rises from muddy waters and blooms as a brilliantly pure and gorgeous flower. The lotus is also thought of as a symbol of human consciousness on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

The beautifully carved gold Aum with rubies sit on a stunning, high-quality single piece of mother of pearl in the centre.

The seven petals of the lotus (each with a gemstone) represent the seven chakras.The multi-colored sapphires have been handpicked to match the corresponding colours of the seven chakras to help with it’s healing powers. Designed to balance the seven chakras, this Aum necklace brings harmony and balance to the body and spirit. Feel the energy of your chakras as this necklace helps to restore to balance while wearing it.

In addition to looking and feeling beautiful, you’ll feel protected when wearing this.

Please allow 4 weeks to make and ship to you if not in stock. 

Product details

  • 18K solid Gold approximately 8.45 gm
  • Round Brilliant Diamonds approximately 0.08 ct
  • Ruby 0.05 ct
  • 6 multicolour sapphire 0.37 ct
  • Mother of Pearl 6.5 ct
  • Pendant size top to bottom 37 mm
  • Chain length total of 18 inches. It can also be adjusted at 16 inches or 17 inches for those who want shorter length

US $1,550US $1,620


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Necklace Lengths

Please scroll to see necklace lengths in inches and cm. Kajal Naina Necklace Lengths Guide

14 inches = 36 cm
16 inches = 41 cm
18 inches = 46 cm
20 inches = 51 cm
24 inches = 61 cm
30 inches = 76 cm
33 inches = 84 cm


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