You & I

A timelessly elegant mother-daughter collection crafted to celebrate unconditional love, unbreakable bonding, and new beginnings in your life .

The bond that you hold with your daughter is irreplaceable – a sweet little heart of yours that beats outside of your chest. How you love those eyes that sparkle like stars and how deeply you want her to fly like a butterfly.


You & I Collection Kajal Naina
You and I Jewellery for the Queen in Your Life

Kajal Naina took one step forward and created a special jewelry line just for you and your little one! So, you can twin with your mini-you and feel the special love that you have for each other.

Because You & I … are ONE.

For The Queen of your life

Celebrate the Queen in your life by giving her minimalistic yet timeless jewelry pieces. Mark the occasion with a ‘push present’, make it an unforgettable ‘birthday present’  or ‘mothers day present’ or simply appreciate the woman who holds a special place in your life by surprising her with an exquisite piece of KN jewelry from the You & I collection.

Ganesha You & I Collection Kajal Naina
You and I - Heirlooms for your family

A Stunning Heirloom

Express your love for your daughter with a fine piece of jewelry that is sure to make her smile and that she will cherish forever.

Giving fine jewelry as a present is a tradition that goes back for centuries.

It’s beautiful.

It’s irreplaceable.

It’s intergenerational.

Love In A KN Box

Kajal Naina is renowned to create meaningful masterpieces that inspire a positive transformation. Keeping up with our tradition, the classic yet contemporary You & I collection, once again, epitomizes our love for mother nature, culture, and positivity.

Butterfly You & I Collection Kajal Naina

The You & I Collection

This collection features necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in pure gold, embellished with fine diamonds & pearls. Each design is carefully fashioned with detailed motifs, eye-catching aesthetics, and trendy style. Pick and choose what you desire and create your personalized box of love.

The Star - You and I Collection


Radiate light wherever you go, it’s your time to shine! Inspired by the celestial universe, the intention of this collection is to bring out the star in every woman – be it a mom, her daughter or your partner.

The Heart - You and I Collection


I Heart You! The Heart collection embodies love – unbreakable, unmistakable, undying love. Give your love a dynamic take with these uniquely designed ‘heart’ shaped jewels.

The Butterfly - You & I Collection


One of the most beautiful natural miracles, a butterfly signifies hope, change, and endurance. It beautifully represents new beginnings and fresh starts.

Ganesha - You & I Collection


When culture meets style. Crafted to perfection, the Ganesh collection is for the woman who cherishes heirloom pieces but also has strong ties to her heritage.

You & I Collection

  • Ganesh Pendant – Large

    HK $12,410HK $14,600 Select options
  • Ganesh Pendant – Medium

    HK $7,800HK $11,310 Select options


Because women need to be celebrated – SIMPLE! Whether it’s your daughter, your mom, your partner, or someone who holds a special place in your heart. This collection signifies an unbreakable bonding and unmistakable love.

‘You & I’ is here to create memories, to love and be loved, to be treasured forever. Are you ready to grab your token of love?

You & I Collection Kajal Naina - Mother's & Daughters
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