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Ask anyone what a piece of jewellery they’re wearing means to them, and they’ll usually have a story.

In Nepal, where I’m from, if you have any extra money, you don’t put it in the bank. You buy jewellery. Gold jewellery. (For its ornamental beauty and because you can always convert it back to money.)

Jewellery – and gold, especially – is a big part of my culture. And, for me, as for so many women I’ve talked to, it holds a strong tie to my mother.

As a child, I loved watching my mother get her outfit ready for a big event. She would choose a colorful sari from her big, steel closet that was just for saris. She would lay the sari out on the bed, and then, with me by her side, she’d open the steel safe in our prayer room and pick the jewellery to go with it.

My artisan-crafted ready-to-buy collections are inspired by my surroundings – people, nature, culture, the sky and stars –so these beautiful, meaningful pieces tell their own stories while my bespoke pieces is all about you.

While the safe was open, she’d show me different pieces — necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings — and tell me stories about each one. Many, she received for her wedding. Some came from my grandmother, who would hand her pieces over the years. Some, she’d picked up on trips to India, Thailand, and Singapore — where she would always buy some small piece for me, as well.

When I started getting older, she would take me to the store to pick out something special for every birthday. Always gold.

“I love making things that make you feel beautiful.”

When I see, touch, and wear gold, I see both my past and my future.

I see myself as a child, joyfully getting small pieces of gold from my parents and grandparents on birthdays and special occasions.

I see myself now feeling more special every time I put on my beloved jewellery pieces and feeling good about myself always strengthens my confidence.

And I see myself years ahead, feeling safe and free. From my upbringing, gold represents a safety net. Even if I never sell it, I know I have the leeway to take a year off or to handle whatever unplanned events life brings me.

And in between all that, I see glamour. Jewellery is a way to look extra nice, to feel special all night when you’re at a party or out to dinner or even just to add a special element to an otherwise ordinary day.

People usually buy jewellery during happy times: birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, weddings, holidays, and just to say “I love you.”

I absolutely love that I get to share in that happiness — and yours.

My Journey

The many years of living in few different countries has widened my horizons to different cultures, styles and perception of beauty. But Nepal is my home. Jewellery is intrinsic to Nepalese culture and closely tied to the spiritual beliefs of its people. We also believe that wearing certain types of jewellery can bring protection or positivity to our lives.

While I was growing up, I would spend hours and hours sifting through my mother’s stunning jewellery collection, marvelling at the glittering gold and gemstones. This fascination with all things sparkly has never left me.

After 10 years of working in the more conventional career of dentistry, I finally decided it was time to follow my dream to become a fully qualified jewellery designer and enrolled at one of the most prestigious jewellery designing schools in Asia. In January 2017 “Kajal Naina Fine Jewellery” was established as an outlet for my creativity and passion.

For me, jewellery tells a story. Are you ready to tell yours?

Giving Back

It is important for me to give back to the society. Being a mother of three girls myself, I deeply understand the value of education and how it can lead to empowerment and self-sufficiency. A portion of the profit from the sales of Kajal Naina jewelleries is donated to support different organizations working to help women and children.

Official Bio

Kajal Naina is an award-winning jewellery designer. She creates one-of-a-kind collections and bespoke items of jewellery for clients around the world.

From hours of her childhood spent sifting through her mother’s jewellery collection to days spent exploring high-end jewellery stores on the streets of Tokyo and Singapore, Kajal has always been drawn to things that sparkle.

After working as a dentist for ten years, Kajal went on to obtain professional degrees in jewellery design and fashion jewellery, became a graduate pearl specialist, and received numerous certifications in metalsmithing, metal clay, and jewellery making.

A philanthropist and expert on gemstones and jewellery, Kajal holds free educational workshops that educate people on important matters related to jewellery in her hometown of Nepal when she is there.

Having three daughters, Kajal deeply values education for young children and has been supporting different organisations working to help empower children.

Born and raised in Nepal, she has since spent time living in India, Singapore, and Japan and now lives in Hong Kong with her husband and daughters.

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