An ongoing collection of one-of-a-kind necklaces for modern women rooted in tradition.

Without further ado, I would like to invite you to join me in wearing exquisite Mangalsutra that are as unique as you. Each is a masterpiece created with meaning, art, and attention to detail to make sure you have the best!

Mangalsutra Collection
Swastima khadka

Why own a Mangalsutra necklace?

This necklace depicts the beautiful union of a couple and is worn as a symbol of marriage in Hindu culture.

A promise between life partners that they will always stay together.

The Black Beads are meant for absorbing the negative vibrations and protection from evil eyes as the couple starts their beautiful life together. Such a meaningful piece … but usually after the wedding celebrations are over, sadly most brides find their Mangalsutra sitting in lockers and cupboards. But not anymore!


DIVYA – Diamond Mangalsutra

A personal statement, a reflection of your mood, your personality, and your inner self. This collection is a celebration of the unique connection between one’s inner feelings and outward fashion statements. And never forget to celebrate Love. Each piece is more than

just an accessory. To celebrate the Launch of our New collection we’re offering SPECIAL EARLY BIRD BONUSES. Don’t miss this opportunity to order now and get this great deal before it goes away!  

  • Jharana Full Diamond MangalsutraJharana Full Diamond MangalsutraJharana Full Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Jharana Ruby & Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Purnima Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Smita Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Mohini Full Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Mohini Black Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Mohini Emerald Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Rekha Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Jharana Emerald & Diamond MangalsutraJharana Emerald & Diamond MangalsutraJharana Emerald & Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Mohini Ruby & Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Sanu Jharana Mangalsutra (Full Diamond)Sanu Jharana Mangalsutra (Full Diamond)Sanu Jharana Mangalsutra (Full Diamond)
  • Sanu Jharana Mangalsutra (Emerald)Sanu Jharana Mangalsutra (Emerald)Sanu Jharana Mangalsutra (Emerald)
Mohini Black Diamond Mangalsutra

A Single Jewelry, A Thousand Statements


Our “Divya – Diamond Mangalsutra collection” is a marriage of tradition and modernity, paying homage to the enduring symbol of love and unity while embracing the timeless elegance of diamonds.

It celebrates the evolution of the Mangalsutra, honoring its past significance while forecasting its future. The collection blends the adaptable Mangalsutra with the resilient diamond, creating pieces that balance earthly authenticity with celestial glamour.

In this collection we have aimed to highlight the idea of Transformation. Resilience and Eternal Brilliance, all characteristic of the gemstones used here and how it can translate into the lives of the wearer, by letting the Diamonds and Emeralds and Rubies stand out in simple, elegant, clean cut designs and world class craftsmanship, in a way that it does not distract away from the main theme the Gemstone. 

 Mangalsutra 3.0 – Kismet

Designed for today’s elegant and affluent woman, each piece strikes the perfect chord of beauty, grace and unique expression. Each statement piece is imbued with meaning, making it an instant heirloom and a progressive, symbolic and wearable narrative. This collection allows you to truly celebrate yourself and your partner. You will find 12 unique and beautiful zodiac designs and 12 gold zodiac designs. You can either choose the Mangalsutra with one main zodiac sign of you/ your partner or choose to personalise by adding you/ your partner’s zodiac sign as a mini charm and be united forever in one Mangalsutra.

    • Taurus Mangalsutra - Zodiac Collection Kajal NainaTaurus Mangalsutra - Zodiac Collection Kajal Naina
    • Gemini Mangalsutra -Zodiac Mangalsutra Kajal NainaGemini Mangalsutra -Zodiac Mangalsutra Kajal Naina
    • Leo Mangalsutra- Zodiac Collection Kajal NainaLeo Mangalsutra- Zodiac Collection Kajal Naina
    • Virgo MangalsutraVirgo Mangalsutra
    • LIbra Zodiac Mangalsutra- Kajał Naina Zodiac CollectionLIbra Zodiac Mangalsutra- Kajał Naina Zodiac Collection
    • Scorpio Kajal Naina Mangalsutra- Zodiac CollectionScorpio Kajal Naina Mangalsutra- Zodiac Collection
    • Aquarius Zodiac Mangalsutra (20 Jan – 18 Feb)
    • Pieces Mangalsutra - Zodiac ManaglsutraPieces Mangalsutra - Zodiac Managlsutra

    The charmingly beautiful solid gold Mini Zodiac has been designed and created to allow you to choose and add your partners sign to yours – united together in one mangalsutra.

    After all Mangalsutra is a necklace that represents the union of two people. And each combination will be uniquely personal to you!

    Mangalsutra 2.0

    Pooja Mangalsutra 2.0 is a collection inspired by the role of Pooja (the act of worship) in every wedding in Nepalese culture. These are elements that help to ground us, strengthen us and fill us with positivity and hope for the future.

     These meaningful pieces of jewelry will compliment your beauty and bring you joy. Share your story with the world with these uniquely designed and beautifully crafted Mangalsutra jewelry.

    Which one will be yours?

    • Diya Jyoti MangalsutraDiya Jyoti Mangalsutra
    • Vajra Mangalsutra

      HK $9,130HK $13,970 Select options
    • Emerald Vajra MangalsutraKajalNaina_7DM26392_Mangalsutra_Necklace_VajraEmerald Vajra Mangalsutra
    • Infinity-Diamond-Mangalsutra

    Mangalsutra 1.0

    Inspired by nature and all things Celestial this collection brings out the romantic in each of us. After the overwhelming success of this collection which originally consisted of Maya, Esha, Tara and Asha- it has expanded over time to include additional Mangalsutra pieces.

    Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born- you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars. – e.e.cummings.

    • Maya MangalsutraMaya Mangalsutra
    • Sun Kissed Mangalsutra

      HK $6,400HK $8,500 Select options
    • Asha Butterfly Mangalsutra by Kajal NainaAsha Butterfly Mangalsutra by Kajal Naina
    • Ekta Mangalsutra
    • Lila Mangalsutra by Kajal NainaLila Mangalsutra by Kajal Naina
    • buy mangalsutra online
    • Guiding Star MangalsutraGuiding Star Mangalsutra
    • Esha with star mangalsutra
    • Diamond_Gold_Mangalsutra_Model_Necklace_kajal_nainaDesigner MangalsutraDiamond_Gold_Mangalsutra_Model_Necklace_kajal_naina
    • Sanu Maya Mangalsutra

    What’s my mission when designing the Mangalsutra collection?

    To create beautiful options for women who don’t want to settle for boring when you can wear a one of a kind piece.

    Mangalsutra that stands out as a fashion statement while bringing a positive energy in your life.

    Mangalsutra that you’ll want to wear again and again.

    Mangalsutra Collection
    Kajal Naina Fine Jewellery

    “Personally, I am very passionate about helping children to get a better life which is why I have decided that part of the proceeds from the launch of this collection will be donated to Kopila Nepa, an organization that helps provide education, food, and warm clothes for children in need in Kathmandu, Nepal – my home country. And because of your purchases we, together, can do our part in helping these young children in need. Thank you so much. Let’s spread love, Let’s spread hope, Let’s spread smiles.”

    – Kajal Naina

    Maya Mangalsutra

    Actors Priyanka & Ayushman celebrated their marriage with the Maya Mangalsutra featuring a diamond studded moon and star created to mark the joy of lifetime of togetherness for the couple. And due to so much love and requests received for this design we had decided to share the love and made it available for you as well.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Mangalsutra?

    In Sanskrit, Mangala means Holy, and Sutra means thread. The Mangalsutra is a traditional necklace made with thread and black beads that protects the couple from evil eyes.

    These days the Mangalsutra is usually made with gold (the chain/pendant) and black beads.  We created our Kajal Naina Mangalsutra collection to appeal to modern women with modern Mangalsutra Designs.

    Mangalsutra - A Symbol of Forever Love

    During the wedding ceremony, the groom ties the Mangalsutra to the neck of the bride and declares: “May you live long by wearing this sacred Mangalsutra, the reason of my life”. The Mangalsutra now symbolizes their inseparable bond until their last breath.

    A wife wears her Mangalsutra with pride as it symbolizes good luck and love. It is believed to safeguard married life.

    Modern Mangalsutra Designs

    The Kajal Naina Mangalsutra collection combines tradition with a modern look that is both eye-catching and makes a strong style statement. 

    These days, in addition to the black beads, gold and diamonds are used in the Mangalsutra thus increasing its value. The modern women with style will appreciate our designer collection of Mangalsutras. 

    Should you buy Mangalsutra online?

    Definitely! Online shopping is safe and our website is secure. We have many happy customers. Will you be one of them?

    Why should you buy Mangalsutra online from Kajal Naina?

    • We use high-quality black beads, pure gold, and diamonds. 
    • Many people love our Mangalsutras. See testimonials. 
    • Kajal Naina is a recognized brand and is known for creating award-winning jewelry.
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