Samantha Sin / YOGA Expert & Founder Of One YOGA and Samantha YOGA, Hong Kong

“ I always wanted to have a yoga related jewelry, it’s frustrating that I couldn’t find a nice one. But when I first looked at the tranquility aum bracelet, I must say it is truly gorgeous! It is elegant, very well made yet meaningful for me as a yogi! When I wear it, it gives me peace of mind. I wish I would have found KajalNaina sooner!”

May Fam, Singapore

“Many years ago I had bought some blue sapphire loose stones from a mine in Sri Lanka. They were 3 different shapes and sizes so I was in a quandary about what to do with them. Until I met Kajal who came up with a beautiful design for me.

Now I have a ring that is unique!

I am so happy looking at my beautifully designed sapphire ring.

The finish is excellent.

I would recommend Kajal because she is an artist, a perfectionist, and very professional.”

Lemi / Makeup Artist

“I was never a jewelry person until I found Kajal Naina. When it comes to jewelry I prefer something very minimalistic and classy, Kajal Is now my favorite designer. Her designs are completely divine, minimalistic, classy and something I would wear on a daily basis as well as for any events without thinking twice. My KN jewelry enhances my whole look and I am very happy to own it..”

Sarika Gurung, United Kingdom

“I would highly recommend Kajal Naina to anyone looking for a beautiful personalised jewellery that is going to last forever and be special.

I have had designs customised according to my budget. I love the personal touch. Kajal is very helpful, friendly and replies quickly to inquiries. Great customer service.

I always get compliments when I am wearing my KN jewellery.

And the best part is that I feel confident and pretty..”

Ifat Kafry Hides, Hong Kong

“ The Aum tranquility necklace has become apart of me, without I feel something is missing. Perhaps it’s the spirituality of the meaning of Aum and the belief it is where the vibrations of the word AUM brings all things into manifestation … perhaps that and the fact it’s become a part of me … without it I feel naked and with it I feel empowered and protected … I love the jewellery created by Kajal with spiritual intention behind … simply adore and can’t wait to see what more collections come where I can connect with.”

Rosemary Vandenbroucke / SuperModel YOGI

“ Wearing the Divine Om, not only reminds me to take a moment to breathe but also remain loyal to my innermost truth. It’s simple and elegant design compares to the symmetry of nature..”

Smriti Pradhan, Singapore

“When I accessorize with KN jewellery, I feel it brings my outfits a few notches up and I feel more put together at work. This adds to my confidence.

I have bought few jewels from Kajal’s ready made collections with options to customise. I love that my KN jewelry is so versatile. I have been using it for formal social events, work meetings, to accessorize my everyday wear… or even when I am travelling. All the pieces are made to perfection and the quality is excellent. Love the consistency.

Get KN jewellery if you are looking for good quality and creative designs which are beautifully customized for you.”

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