Mangalsutra 2.0 - New collection

Mangalsutra 3.0 – Kismet

A one-of-a-kind collection to narrate the timeless tales of love forged in fire and shaped by the rotation of the stars.

For all couples embarking on an adventure of eternal elegance and beauty. Manifest your bond with the New KN Mangalsutra that emulates your relationship’s majesty, meaning, and strength, and illustrates your journey together.


Charms for your bracelet

Charmed Life

Take a look at our new collection

Beautiful & Meaningful charms made of 18K solid gold, diamond and coloured gemstone. Create your own unique statement necklace & bracelet. Use a wide selection of handcrafted charms to express yourself & your story.

Beautiful & Meaningful charms made of 18K solid gold, diamond and coloured gemstone.
Charmed Life New Kajal Nania Collection

You & I


A timelessly elegant mother-daughter collection crafted to celebrate unconditional love, unbreakable bonding, and new beginnings in your life.

You & I Collection by Kajal Naina

Say “I do” with Kajal Naina.

Diamond Engagement rings created to be worn every day… a daily reminder of your love.

A romantic at heart, most of Kajal Naina’s award-winning jewellery pieces are a story in tangible form.

Kajal Naina Fine Jewellery – Best Sellers

Maya Mangalsutra Diamond Gold

An international best-seller

The Maya Mangalsutra

Kajal Naina was asked to create a modern Mangalsutra as a bespoke piece for the famous Nepali actress Priyanka Karki’s wedding. Due to overwhelming demand it was made available to purchase and then turned into a full collection. Now it has resulted into a cult following with women all over the world eager to purchase their own Maya Mangalsutra.

Priyanka Karki wearing Maya Mangalsutra Diamond Gold

Evil Eye

Wear it because it’s beautiful. Love it because it’s meaningful.

Bringing a distinct depth and stylish sophistication to the Evil Eye symbol, the Blink Evil Eye Necklace is here to become your new favourite.

The symbol and superstition of the evil eye is one of the strongest symbolic images in the world.

Evil Eye by Kajal Naina Fine Jewellery

The Aum tranquility necklace has become a part of me, without I feel something is missing. Perhaps it’s the spirituality of the meaning of Aum and the belief it is where the vibrations of the word AUM brings all things into manifestation … perhaps that and the fact it’s become a part of me … without it I feel naked and with it I feel empowered and protected …

– Ifat Kafry Hindes, Hong Kong

Wearing the Divine Om, not only reminds me to take a moment to breathe but also remain loyal to my innermost truth. It’s simple and elegant design compares to the symmetry of nature.

– Rosemary Vandenbroucke / Supermodel yogi

I always wanted to have a yoga related jewelry, it’s frustrating that I couldn’t find a nice one. But when I first looked at the tranquility aum bracelet, I must say it is truly gorgeous! It is elegant, very well made yet meaningful for me as a yogi! When I wear it, it gives me peace of mind. I wish I would have found Kajal Naina sooner!

– Samantha Sin / Yoga expert & Founder of One Yoga and Samantha yoga, Hong Kong



About Kajal Naina

Ask anyone what a piece of jewellery they’re wearing means to them, and they’ll usually have a story.

In Nepal, where I’m from, if you have any extra money, you don’t put it in the bank. You buy jewellery. Gold jewellery. (For its ornamental beauty and because you can always convert it back to money.)

Jewellery – and gold, especially – is a big part of my culture. And, for me, as for so many women I’ve talked to, it holds a strong tie to my mother.

My artisan-crafted ready-to-buy collections are inspired by my surroundings – people, nature, culture, the sky and stars –so these beautiful, meaningful pieces tell their own stories while my bespoke pieces is all about you.

Kajal Naina Collections

Kajal Naina Aum Bracelet Pearl Ruby

Symbols & Good Luck

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Diamond Star Ear Studs

Shining star

Single Letters Gold | Diamond Ear Studs from Kajal Naina


Diamond Star Ear Studs

Mountain Beauty

Diamond Star Ear Studs


Diamond Star Ear Studs


Kajal Naina Jyoti-Navratna Necklace Pendant Diamond Gold

Jyoti Navaratna

Diamond Star Ear Studs



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