Shining Star

Shining Star

A collection showcasing an exquisite range of starry pieces; from earrings to chains.

This star theme series has been inspired by our strong belief that there is a shining star in each of us. A small reminder to let it shine.

Gold Star Necklace
Shining Star Jewellery

The Shining Stars…

Beautiful pieces of jewelry celebrating the star in each and every KN woman, and giving it the chance to shine

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  • Gold moon pendant | Crescent Moon Pendant
  • Over the Moon Pendant

What is Shining Star jewellery?

Shining Star Jewellery is a collection of different ranges of Star Necklace, Pendant, Earrings, Rings, and Chains. Shining star brilliant shine serves you as a reminder to shoot for the stars in every work you do in your life.

What does a star symbolize spiritually?

Star has a spiritual symbolism of desires, goals, and protection. It is believed that stars determine our lives in mysterious ways.

Stars provide a symbol of divine guidance, of enlightenment or light in the darkness in our life.

What does a star mean on jewellery?

Star appears in different cultures and traditions all around the world. It has always represented a celestial force. However, the meaning of the star sign on jewelry depends on its interpretation of the wearer. That’s what makes it a popular pattern on jewelry.

In General terms, stars are associated with different mysteries and magic. They represent guidance throughout your life since the nightly sky has been regularly used as an orientation map.

Is the Shining Star Necklace worth buying?

Yes, the Shining Star necklace, pendant, and shining star pieces of jewelry are definitely worth buying because of the positive vibes they carry, which can be a great way of representing your journey. Kajal Naina provides you special shinning star jewelry with stylish and fashionable designs.

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