The meaningful curves of the Aum symbol take a luxurious fine jewelry form that will leave you looking and feeling beautiful, inspired and protected while wearing this. Balance your energy with the healing powers of this exquisite jewelry. Positive emotions become easier to embrace, while negative emotions become soothed.


In this collection we show you the combination of diamonds in letters.

Shining Star

This star theme series has been inspired by our strong belief that there is a shining star in each of us. A small reminder to let it shine.

Mountain Beauty

Rhododendron blooming wild and cascading waterfalls on the majestic mountains of my home country, a breathtaking sight, is the inspiration behind this design. The flower and waterfall suggest the wilderness of nature that flows from the waterfall and blooms through the flower, without inhibition…wild, unstoppable, and enchanting. 


In this collection emphasis is placed on the beauty of the natural colour and luster of the gemstones.


This is a celebration of love, pure and unconditional, that radiates like the stars on a moonless night. It is a representation of beauty so incomparable that it reminds one of the twinkle in the eyes of a mother. The D’Tara collection represents the joys of living and loving, and the belief that true love lasts forever.


A curated collection of carefully selected pieces of beautiful and unique jewelleries.


The beauty of nature continues to inspire again and again, every time creating something precious and sweet.


Life is an endless journey that is full of surprises. Featuring classic, elegant designs for daily wear, the Forevermore collection represents your journey. Time is precious. So are you.


The simplest things in life are often the most beautiful, a truth Kajal learnt while living in Japan and the source of inspiration for her Iridescent collection, which uses only the highest-grade, Japanese, freshwater and Tahitian pearls for timeless and enduring elegance. The world is your oyster.

Jyoti Navaratna

Inspired by female empowerment worldwide while still holding the essence of family and tradition, our Jyoti Navaratna collection is a modern twist on the ancient Nepalese tradition of wearing nine distinct gemstones to bring good luck, prosperity and light into your life. Find your very own lucky charm.


Inspired by the botanic Garden in Singapore, this collection represents the rebirth of creativity and finding the self. In the bustling city like Singapore, the garden is the key to nature and staying close to it. Above the murky water, the enchanting and colourful flowers look breathtakingly beautiful reminding how purity can find its way to blossom no matter where it exists.

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