Is a Diamond Forever…

Have you ever thought of how wonderful it would be to walk into a diamond store, confidently pick up what your eye fancies and walk out holding it with a smile on that face. Yes, a conscious purchase can give you extra feel good hormones leading to extra happiness. Now who doesn’t want that! I do- everyday […]

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

When you go shopping for something valuable, say a diamond jewellery…. – are you someone who would enjoy doing your homework and finding out some facts before entering the jewellery store?  OR – would you find that too much of a work and just blindly follow whatever the jeweller has to say? If you are in […]

These 9 Gemstones Could Change Your Life

This is another topic I really wanted to write briefly on. ‘Navaratna’ the 9 gemstone jewellery. Why the interest? What’s my connection to this?  Personally I’ve a special affinity for the navaratna jewellery. For the beauty that 9 different colours can bring in one piece and more importantly the meaning that it has in my […]

What Exactly Is A Pearl ?

  Pearls have been around (and loved) for 1000s of years, and everybody knows one when they see one. Yet as I include more and more of these lovely things in my jewellery, I get more and more people asking me questions about them. Curious. Here are two of some of the most common questions […]

5 Ways You Can Tell If Your Pearl Is Real Or Fake

Buying good pearls in person is about more than just finding a pale orb with a pretty color. You need to make sure that what you’re paying matches the quality of what you’re getting. You’ll get better value when you verify whether your pearl is real or imitation. That’s the first step. But as anyone who’s […]

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