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Collection of Jewelry
As the year is coming to an end I had blocked some time to recap the year and to write to my newsletter family. However, just before that I also had some interview questions to answer for a magazine (it will probably be out shortly) which made me want to write this blog. There were few things discussed and the last question asked was: 

Tell us about your personal jewelry collection? “

To this one, I could probably list out some of the jewelry in my collection but it made me think beyond that. Now my mind is engulfed in nostalgia while at the same time also making me grateful for all the goodness in my life. Buying new things always takes time, effort, and discernment. And building your personal jewelry collection takes the same high standards. 
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Jewelry for me most of the time has always been something special… with more depth and meaning. 

I never realized it then but when I look back on my life I have had a strong connection to jewelry. How many of you relate to this feeling?

Not just for the looks, the money or maybe feeling of richness (let’s not deny that alone is a powerful mood booster) but also because they are proof of different times of life with stories to be remembered.

Some were there to mark different milestones of my life ever since I was born.

Some pieces I specifically remember from my parents travel (which were rarer in those days than today’s fast day and age), some have been handed down from my grandma to my mom to me, each so special and dear to my heart.

These in turn became memories of warmth and love… history … dreams…achievements… adventures… celebrations of success… or even the feeling of protection.

At some point in my life as I was growing my mom started taking me to the jewelers and getting something small for me every year for my birthday. A small jewelry but always gold. I really felt so special sharing that moment with my mom!

Today I feel like sharing a very personal memory with you all.

The last time I saw my mom was during the summer holidays of the 2nd year of my college days. I was studying dentistry in India and was back home for the break. I had gone to a jewelry store with my mom to pick up something she had gotten made for herself. In the store, I found myself attracted to a necklace and bracelet set made of silver and turquoise and she bought it for me.

My mom had a bangle and a ring made for herself which was so uniquely modern that the 19-year-old me really loved it. I must’ve told her so because when it was time for me to go to back college she wanted me to have not just my new silver jewelry but also the gold jewelry she had made for herself!

She gave them to me!

My heart still pines for my mom after all those years and I wish she was still here. But life has to go on.

Coincidently that was the last physical gift I got from my mom … that passed from her hand to mine … and it brings me some comfort that it’s something that I can still pass down to my own daughters in memory of their grandmom. One day eventually they will also get my grandmom’s jewelry too which I recieved from my mom. Ah these thoughts make me happy again .

I guess gold jewelry being something precious and expensive has largely been reserved for buying during special occasions and hence the memories are dearer.

My current life jewelry collection?

It’s still made up of jewelry that I love … almost everything has been gifted by my husband during special occasions every year. PS: now that I’m a jeweler it’s getting a bit more frequent. And when I find something I really like yes I do sometimes cheat a pre birthday or pre valentine – he gets it for me in advance too!  I’ve been meaning to buy for myself and maybe soon but that day hasn’t come yet.

I will definitely let you know when that happens 🙂

Anyway, the bottom line for me is that  “my jewelry is a part of my life that reminds me how loved I was and will always be” and that to me is very powerful. 


Do you have a jewelry story to share?

Comment down your story or inspiration behind your personal jewelry collection. We would love to hear that

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