Top 10 Designer Bracelet For Women To Ace your Style Game

Designer bracelet

The Bracelet might come across just as another accessory but look at the style statement they make and you will agree that the right bracelet is one fine piece of jewellery that never goes out of style. With their ability to make your features prominent with subtlety, the serene appeal of the designer bracelet has always managed to accentuate anyone’s beauty. This is probably why many designer bracelets are so popular. 

The graceful combination of bracelets from the designer sees the style game to a whole level. The marketplace offers various designer bracelets for women to feel empowered and independent.  and they come with a wide range of designs making room for everyone to find their individual’s statement.

This guide contains a collection of bracelet designs for ladies to embody their beauty and story in the truest sense.  

Designer Bracelet For Women- More Than Accessory

You know what they say every day is an occasion. And, serenading occasion with tiny offerings makes it even more special. Long gone are the days when jewellery was just the accessory to accentuate your beauty. The same can be said for diamond and gold bracelets. Today, these bracelet designs for women aim to appreciate and adore their existence with the delicacies in them.

Whether you happen to be a beloved one looking forward to buying a designer bracelet for your girl or someone looking forward to appreciating yourself, bracelets are a great option. Quite a drift from the conventional pattern, the diamond bangles can help you get that classy look without much effort. 

Here’s why most women love bracelets and have shown commitment to it more than ever. 

Designer Bracelet As Your Inner spirit

We mean who would have thought of a bracelet as a reflection of your inner spirit, right? But seriously, the dainty little bracelet has become a vessel for women to express themselves. 

The variety of designs provide space for enormous interpretations. You can opt for any design along with its explanation. For instance, a designer bracelet with a combination of diamonds and classic gold exhibits a strong bold personality. Similarly, a sleek diamond bracelet marks an elegant look for ladies out there.

Further, the pink tourmaline bracelet is more inclined towards the feminine side and carries grace. The gemstone studded bracelet on the other hand reveal a vibrant personality. So, the individuality within each pattern of bracelets makes them resonate with ladies. 

Bracelet As a Long Term Investment

This one is obvious. Apart from helping you nail your look, the possession of this jewellery is a long term investment. No doubt donning bangles represents a sense of glory. However, the bracelets can be used for unforeseen circumstances.

Upon any uncertain circumstances, these very bracelets can provide you with security. Since value of a bracelet is made from diamond, gold and other precious material, there is no fear of loss on your initial investment. They generally aren’t affected by fluctuations in the financial market. Thus, they provide with certainty. 

Designer Bracelet As Gift

The tradition of appreciating loved or special ones with gifts is nothing new. This is how we all cherish the individuals and value them for their affection. Since they are valuable possession bracelets are an exceptional way of conveying love to loved ones.

Their timeless elegance and perfection can help in conveying the feelings. The availability of a wide number of patterns in bracelets and the use of distinct metals even hold a great significance as an offering.  

Top 10 Designer Bracelet Design For Women Collections

The fast-paced changes in diamond bracelet design for women might put you in dilemma as to what to pursue or not.  Whether it’s a tennis diamond bracelet or a rose gold diamond bracelet or even a pink tourmaline bracelet, every diamond bangles hold a unique position for women. 

The top 10 bangles designed for ladies include:

1. Amethyst Tennis Bracelet/February 

amethyst tennis bracelet - February

A classic for its exhilarating beauty- the Amethyst tennis bracelet is a must for all jewellery lovers out there. This happens to be one of the variations of the Tennis bracelet.

Specifically, if you believe in carrying your luck with your birthstones, his could be a great option. This happens to be a birthstone for all the fellow individuals of February. One of the popular bracelet designs for women, this piece is known for keeping the wearer clear-headed and clever.

It will also give you a boost of confidence and compliments. 

The regal purple colour perfectly captures the queen within you. The setting has a minimal metal that accentuates the gemstones, giving you a versatile and elegant look that you can pull off every day.

This is available in 2 options: yellow gold and rose gold. With the much hype around rose gold diamond bracelets for women, this definitely can be the one for you. There is even the option to go for other forms of gold as per request.

Product Name: Amethyst Tennis Bracelet/ February

Range: US $1,190 – US $1,290

Product Link:

2. Aquamarine Tennis Bracelet/ March 

Aquamarine Tennis Bracelet/ March

Seems like just another spin-off to our Amethyst Tennis Bracelet/ February, this striking bracelet is believed to bring peace and calming power to the wearer. It also soothes any stress and upgrades your intuition.

The tranquil vibe of this beauty is about to give you with splurge for calmness and motivation to instil courage and positive energy. For all individuals born across the March,  the Aquamarine stone can be your birthstone. This can be a wonderful anniversary gift for your ladylove and add spark to your strong bond.

This diamond bracelet design for women stands out in white gold. But if you happen to be in the mood to add your touch, then you have the liberty to go for yellow gold and rose gold.

The sleek design of the bracelet gives your wrist an elegant look and nails your everyday look. So, sleeping on this exquisite piece is certainly a blunder if you ask us.

Product Name: Aquamarine Tennis Bracelet/ March  

Range: US $1,340 – US $1,440

Product Link:

3. Blink Evil Eye Bracelet 

Blink Evil Eye Bracelet

Haters gonna hate. But that doesn’t mean you stop looking fine just the way you’ve been doing for so long. That’s why Blink evil eye bracelet can be just the saviour. This elegant piece will help you attain that chic look while protecting you from evil.

It consists of the eye which aims to act as a protector from misfortune and evil in the world. Consider it as your lucky angel who looks out for you and protect you. This is one such fine diamond design for ladies that goes well with modern-day attire.

This is made from 18K solid gold and diamond. You can choose either blue sapphire or ruby to be embedded into it. You can also give it your te by opting for either yellow gold or rose gold. 

Product Name: Blink Evil Eye Bracelet

 Range: US $1,350 – US $1,490  

Product Link:

4. Boss Bracelet

Boss Bracelet

Cause you’re the boss, baby and every little thing you carry within yourself reflects that. Specially dedicated to modern-day women out there, this one carries the spirit of all fierce women. 

This bracelet aims to raise your spirit and take control of your life. It has BOSS letters attached to it with a star charm to celebrate the star within you. The letters set in diamond and bracelet can be crafted with white gold or yellow gold. 

We know that you believe in creating your own story. That’s why we have come up with the option to pave the letters and charms of your choice if you wish to do so. You can never go wrong with this one as it will only make a strong impression.

Product Name: Boss Bracelet

Product Link:

5. Chain of Love Bracelet

Chain of Love Bracelet

Love is what binds us all. And if it’s an accessory that radiates our inner beauty, then the love is even stronger, right? With this very concept in mind, the Chain of love bracelet saw the day and night. 

You can revamp this lovely piece with the gold of your choice and make it any form such as 14K white, yellow and rose gold diamond bracelets for women. This chic bracelet can pull off any look whether you wear it alone or stacked with other bracelets. This goes very well with a slender wrist.

On top of this, this brilliance comes with 2 variations: smaller and bigger diamond links. The fine interlinking of gold and diamonds embedded into it definitely makes your style elegant.

Product Name: Chain of Love Bracelet

Range: US $1,170 – US $1,320

Product Link:

6. Colours Blue Sapphire Bracelet

colours blue saphire bracelet

Reminiscing the deep blue ocean, the Colours blue sapphire bracelet aims to make you dive into the world of elegance and utmost femininity. The sleek two ends simply point out the diamonds surrounding the gorgeous Saphire.

This can really be the one for lovers of a minimalist look. You can really make a strong impression with this one.

The sparky little diamonds in this bracelet is a reminder to carry your spark inside you with pride. This is one designer bracelet design for women which will do the talking for them. So, you want to keep your hands on these as soon as you can.

Product Name: Colours Blue Sapphire Bracelet

Range: US $1,250

Product Link:

7. Diamond Braid Bracelet

diamond braid bracelet

If you want to stand out in the crowd, then this diamond braid bracelet is what you need. This breathtaking bracelet has Pavé white diamond braids beautifully interlinked. The flawless diamonds are built into the bracelet, escalating your look to another level.

Life has its way of keeping us interlocked with its various dynamics. So, appreciating these fun dynamics with a lovely bracelet certainly doesn’t seem like a bad idea. 

This gorgeous piece is made with 14k solid gold as well as diamond. 

Product Name: Diamond Braid Bracelet

Range: US $5,200

Product Link:

8. Pink Tourmaline Tennis Bracelet/ October


Pink tourmaline bracelet has been popular among ladies for a quite while. Honestly, why wouldn’t it? The stunning pink tourmaline embedded in 14k gold is just par above for any looking forward to dazzling bracelet designs for ladies.  

Pink tourmaline is considered to carry feminine essence. The nuance in these bracelets can add another touch to your whole attire. Pink tourmaline bracelet is also representative of gentle demeanour, specifically suitable for a phase of change and growth. All this while still leading towards enlightenment. 

So, if you’re looking for a blend of spiritual essence and fashion, then the Pink tourmaline tennis bracelet is, without doubt, the one. For lovers of rose gold diamond bracelets for women, you can opt for rose gold. You can also opt for yellow gold or white gold.  

Product Name: Pink Tourmaline Tennis Bracelet/ October

Range: US $1,300 – US $1,400

Product Link:

9. Pink Topaz Tennis Bracelet 

Pink-Topaz-Tennis-BraceletInnovation into the iconic tennis bracelet, the Pink topaz tennis bracelet is a must to be added on the diamond bracelet for ladies. Topaz is available in all colours. However, the pink shade fits perfectly.

It is also customizable with a range of gold – yellow gold, white gold or rose gold diamond bracelets for women.  Above all, these bracelets look good on an everyday outfit and for special occasions. Thus, they are extremely compatible.  

Product Name: Pink Topaz Tennis Bracelet/ October

Range: US $1,075 – US $1,175

Product Link:

10. Tranquility Aum Bracelet 

Tranquility aum bracelet lets you uplift your aura with its meaningful symbol and sign. The plain gold bracelet is a perfect traditional yet modern look. This bracelet can assist in you becoming a leading lady of your own story with its appealing design.

Apart from adding beauty, it is also meant to provide you with protection. The typical 18K gold will remind you of the traditional essence. Meanwhile, the dazzling diamonds will let you access that glam look.

The most noticeable part about this bracelet is that it has minute details of various designs within one piece. These all make it a must to be added to your bracelet collections.

Product Name: Tranquility Aum Bracelet

Range: US $610 – US $680

Product Link:


The enclosure of the bracelet around the wrist not only makes any woman appreciate her beauty with pride. It also reminds everyone of her charm that she will always be in control of. The evolution of time and the spirit of lovely women across the globe have allowed room for wild designs. The experimentation in the designs has also let individuals for as many interpretations.

Above all, the designer bracelet for women is a medium for them expressing themselves through accessories that can wear with dignity. These are not wardrobe enhancers indirect uplifters due to their various symbolism and references. So, embody your story with these lovely designer bracelets.


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