Why Parents and specially moms are the first and best teachers of their child- Interview with Pia Wong

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I’m so happy…  because I got to share something that really motivated me.

I get asked this question a lot by friends and followers… what drives me in life?

It’s the smallest things really.

Like the conversations I had with Ms Pia Wong about “How Parents and specially moms are the first and best teachers of their child”.

As a mom of 2 young girls, I immediately connected with how she explained to me in depth about the importance of reading to ones kids. So I requested Pia to come live with me on KN instagram platform where we had a short discussion this important topic.

Pia is the Executive Director of “Bring Me a Book Hong Kong” a non- profit organization dedicated to Children’s reading. She focuses on helping children find their own love for learning through books by focusing less on their test grades and academics and allowing them to build their own passion from learning in a less stressful manner.

Key points that I felt was so important in our Conversation:

  • First five years of newborn kids are very important as a baby’s brain develops about 90%  from 0-5 age.
  • Parents should let their kids have a positive association with books & learning.
  • let your kids choose their own books but be there to guide them.
  • There is no right way and wrong way how parents should read to their kids. Make it fun. Do it your way.
  • Best books are those that ignites children’s imagination, creativity and stimulates their interest.

Check out our full conversation here.

This topic is so important and relevant to all mothers. Over a period of time, Kajal Naina has become more than a jewellery brand. We are a community of women, mothers, wives, professionals and much more. Many of us KN members are at all stages of motherhood as well as aspiring moms who are getting married soon and will one day have kids of your own.  Hope you benefit from this as much as I have.

And we need these reminders to keep our focus on different important issues without letting ourselves get over run. Specially so in today’s situation when the whole world has had to take a step back and slow down. Things haven’t been good but to look at the bright side at least we’re getting to spend more time with our families. And being the Stars that we are I’m sure we all try to make the best out of the situation what we can.

Take Care. Be Safe.



P.S: Check out the website www.bringmeabook.org.hk for more info or you can contact Pia for any questions at [email protected]

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