Strong, Stylish and Unbelievably Talented: Meet Supermom Michelle!

Introducing #KNSupermom Michelle Koller…

A woman with a booming business and someone who embodies all the KN Star qualities, Michelle Koller is a stellar example of a supermom! 

After graduating from New York’s FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) Michelle worked in New York at Macys and Bloomingdales (amongst others) as a technical designer and quality control specialist for their private label brands. She came to Hong Kong in 1991 with her then boyfriend (now husband) and in a matter of a few months started Tequila Kola, our favourite furniture and upholstery store! 

Tequila Kola has grown from a small shop in the Princes Building to one of the largest up-market home retailers in Asia with a reputation for quality unique products brilliantly displayed.  

Michelle loves combining things in unusual ways…….rich colours and textures with simple colour and form. Stainless steel, exotic hardwoods, fine Italian leathers and fabrics are some of the ingredients she uses to create TK’s distinctive products.

Aside from her booming business, Michelle is also a mother to two beautiful children. Her son and daughter sure are lucky to have such a wonderful mum! 

In the following Q&A segment we are going to get to know more about Michelle, her business and of course, her jewellery preferences! 

What is something that you taught your kids that you hope they will pass down to their kids one day? 

My Mantra is to ‘Live Life to the Fullest’ and to ‘Always be kind to others’.

Whats Michelle wearing? Blessing Aum Necklace and Special Diamond and Coral Studs (mail for info)

If you could give a single piece of advice to a fellow mom looking to be an entrepreneur what would it be?

I believe that Passion and hard work will bring rewards in business but it’s essential to balance this for a harmonious family life.

How does jewellery have its own place in your life? If you could pick out 3 pieces from our collection, which ones would you go for and why? 

I’ve always loved to accessorize both my home and myself.

My 3 favorite KN pieces would have to be

  1. I love everything in the The Aum collection because as a yogini I love the energy and healing powers associated with the Om sound and symbol. I especially love my Blessing Aum Necklace!
  2. The Audrey Pearl Necklace for those glamorous lunches that lead seamlessly into the night. 
  3.  The Tennis bracelet for its fabulous funky colours and playfulness.

Michelle has the whole supermom package, she manages to be compassionate, stylish and active all at once! We are so proud to have a patron like her because she wears her KN pieces with the elegance and power that only a supermom could flaunt! 

Let us know in the comments if you share Michelle’s love for more exotic pieces or if you have a different style! Also, remember to stay tuned for upcoming posts about our other supermoms! 




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