Meet KN SuperMom Dolma Tsering Lama

              Meet Dolma Tsering Lama, a mother of two beautiful children and a very successful  entrepreneur. Dolma is actively involved in her family business of Hotels and Carpet manufacturing in Nepal. She along with her college-going daughter Peyang, recently started a small online business called “The Lamas” which works in procuring handicrafts items sourced directly from various independent artisans. 

After a great month of celebrating women, we’ve landed upon yet another AHH-mazing month of appreciating mothers. As Mother’s Day approaches, many of us find ourselves shifting between the joy of recollecting some of mom’s love while acknowledging their hardships.

In this session with us, Dolma picked up her favorite custom KN pieces and shared memories tied with them.

Let’s have a look at Dolma’s #MOMentswithKN.

KNSuperMom with children
What is one moment that filled you with pride as a mother? 

Both my kids have given me the same feeling of pride as a mother at different times of their lives. They have both been commended by other parents based on incidents with their respective friends that they are very thoughtful and compassionate children. More than any of their other achievements, this feeling makes me the proudest as a mother because raising good human beings has been at the core of my upbringing.


KNSuperMom story

How do you balance work life with mom life?

Balancing work life and mom life has never been challenging for me except for when I have to travel for work but even then, I have a good support system within the family to take care of the children. Also being self-employed gives me the time flexibility to swiftly undertake the different roles.




How does Jewelry have its own place in your life? What about your specific KN pieces?

Jewelry plays a very emotionally meaningful yet practical role in any woman’s life. While every piece of Jewelry holds some kind of memory in the form of celebration of some achievement, occasion, or legacy….. It’s also the practicality of these pieces in the form of investment that’s very wise. 


For me, my KN pieces have been custom-made with a lot of thought into the whole process. I have sat down with my dearest friend and creator of KN Jewelry, Kajal, many times, who has made these amazing pieces exclusively for me. My KN pieces have always caught people’s attention and no one has ever shied away from complimenting how beautifully they’re crafted. 

In conclusion : Because it’s a special day in a special month, who better to capture the sentiments of it other than KN’s supermoms? So, we bought a few of our ultimate mothers to have a fun little Q&A session with KN discussing motherhood, Jewelry, and balancing that ‘Work-Mom’ life.

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