Our Social Entrepreneur KN Supermom: Sapana Shakya

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Introducing #KNSupermom Sapana Shakya

Continuing the series of appreciating mothers, it’s time to introduce you to our next #KNSupermom Sapana Shakya. She’s a full-time proud mother to an energetic 5-year-old bug enthusiast and a part-time entrepreneur who runs a socially conscious business – SANI.

Sapana ShakyaHer days are spent exploring nature and discovering new creepy crawlies with her son, while at the same time staying connected to her roots, and giving back to her community.

SANI is a high-quality Cashmere scarf that she brings directly from the artisans in Nepal for her high-end customers based in Hongkong. Through her products, she wants her consumer not only to feel the warmth but also feel pride in what they are wearing and who they are supporting.

In this fun Q&A session with KN, Sapana has talked about her favorite Shining star earrings, Lotus in the pond ring, and Lotus in a pond pendant. Let’s have a look at Sapana’s #MOMentswithKN.

As a mother, what is the one thing that you tell your children over and over? 

There are two things I want to engrave in my 5-year-olds mind, and I repeat to him daily. The first one is, kindness is the greatest virtue. It is the best weapon to win over everyone’s hearts. Secondly, do not be scared to fail. Every failure teaches a lesson. It is not important to win if you know in your heart that you have tried your best!

In what ways has motherhood changed your life? 

Motherhood has taught me a lot of things about myself that I never knew existed in me. It has taught me the meaning of unconditional love; it has taught me patience, accountability, responsibility and it has made me realize the strength that lies within me. Motherhood has taught me to love and value my family and all relationships in general. It has given me a new purpose. Overall motherhood has simply made me a better person.

How does jewellery have its own place in your life?

I feel that jewellery is an addition to one’s outfit to refine their look. It’s the finishing touch. In my case Jewellery reflects my mood. I have realized that I tend to wear more jewellery when I am happy. The happier I am the more I wear 😊.

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Shop: Lotus in a pond Ring and Lotus in a pond Pendant

What about your specific KN pieces?

I own quite a few KN Pieces. While I love the meaningful bit about every piece, from the KN collection my favorite ones are the “Lotus in the Pond” pendant and ring set and “Shining star” ear studs. The Lotus in the Pond embodies my love for color and nature with its striking contrast color combination. On the other hand, it is a reminder of HOPE to me. As the lotus blossoms in the murkiest of waters, it signifies that no matter how bad one’s situation is, you will pull through it and have a beautiful end.

Sapana Shakya
Shop: Shining Star Ear Studs (email for more info)

The Shining star ear stud is special to me because my husband and son gifted it to me on Mother’s Day. It’s a daily reminder that I am the shining star guiding and steering my family through thick and thin. It makes me feel loved and important.

Visit wearsani to know more about Sapana’s business.

Let us know in the comments if you share Sapana’s love for more exotic pieces or if you have a different style! Also, remember to stay tuned for upcoming posts about our other supermoms!



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