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Purchasing an Engagement ring is a thrilling and priceless experience. But it can also be very confusing. There are so many different engagement ring designs to pick from that it might be tough and perplexing. Because an engagement ring is usually a significant investment, you want to be sure you get it right.

Choosing an engagement ring should not be an overwhelming process. But you should consider these things before figuring out a perfect ring for your partner. Here are some of the best tips for making the purchase.

1. Identify your budget

 You may have heard that you should invest 2 to 3 months of your income in the ring. There is no such rule that investing a significant portion of your savings or a large sum of money in an engagement ring will represent love. Buying an engagement ring is without a doubt one of life’s most valuable purchases, but look into yourself and buy something that makes sense in your life. 

 You can get a beautiful and good quality engagement ring at varying price ranges.  The cost can range from 500$ – 20000$ or even more! So you can make a good purchase in your budget. You should always spend on your limit.

2. Research and Know what you want: Evaluating 4C’s of the Diamond

Your engagement ring will certainly consist of diamonds. The quality of the diamond is determined with the “Four C’s” – cut, colour, carat and clarity. So you should be knowing about the characteristics of the diamond with the 4c’s. 

Here is the basic guidance towards knowing a good quality diamond with the 4c’s.


Most people know diamonds are colourless but it is not particularly correct. The colourless diamonds are quite expensive and rare. “ D “ colour grade diamonds are the finest white diamonds and the grade goes all the way to “ Z “. Diamonds are available in different types of colours including red, purple, blue, black. Orange, green and brown. 

Sometimes the shape of the diamond also influences the colour. For example, a round brilliant diamond can hide colour incredibly well. Oval and radiant shapes reveal the colour of a diamond much easier.

diamond colour


Clarity is one of the important elements in a diamond of the overall 4cs. It is a qualitative metric that determines the inclusion and blemishes of the diamond. The clarity grade is higher when the number of imperfections and flaws in an aesthetic appearance is low. Clarity affects the price of the diamond. Many flaws cannot be seen with our naked eyes so you must purchase the diamond with a trusted jeweller or with all the certificates.

The Diamond Clarity Scale has 6 categories and each of them are divided into a total of 11 specific grades.

Flawless (FL) – No inclusions blemishes under 10X magnification

Internally Flawless (IF) – No inclusion visible under 10X magnification

VVS1, VVS2(very, very slightly included) – Slight inclusion which is difficult to see under 10X magnification

VS1, VS2 (very, very slightly included ) – Inclusion are minor that are observed under 10X Magnification

SI1, SI2 (Slightly Included) – Noticeable inclusions under 10X magnification

I1, I2, I3(included) – Inclusion are seen under 10X magnification

diamond clarity


Carat is defined as the weight of the diamond and one carat is equal to 0.2 grams. The carat is broken down into 100 points, so when you see a diamond weighing 1.20ct, it means a diamond is 1 carat and 20 points.

So, the larger the carat, the more expensive and rare the diamond. Sometimes more carat doesn’t mean the expensive diamond, the price might be determined by colour, clarity and cut. So you must understand how carat is measured before buying a diamond engagement ring.

Note: Do not get confused between the Karat and carat, Karat is used in Gold to measure the purity of gold like 14K gold, 24K gold.

diamond carat


The “cut” is the most essential factor in determining the diamond’s quality. The cut of a diamond is primarily determined by three factors. The diamond’s precision, symmetry, and polish are all important factors. The size and angle of the diamond are referred to as precision. Symmetry relates to the stone’s alignment and intersection, while polish refers to the diamond’s facet and finish characteristics.

diamond cut

3. Get the right size

Before buying your ring you will measure your ring size but you have to consider a few things while in the selection process.

The easiest way to know your ring size is to get your finger measure at a jewellery store. In case that is not possible you can either measure an existing ring or follow the instructions below to know your size: 

  • Wrap a piece of paper around your finger’s base.
  • Create the Mark point where the ends meet with a pen.
  • Measure the paper with a ruler (mm).
  • To determine your ring size, use the closest measurement on the ring size chart.

engagement ring size

4. Pick your shape

You have to consider various different shapes when buying an engagement ring because it will affect how it looks on your finger. Those women who are with shorter fingers should try an elongated style such as a pear, oval, marquise and avoid wide bands that give the illusion of even shorter fingers.

Yes, of course, your finger and your unique hand shape are only part of the factors in choosing the perfect engagement ring for you. At the same time, your personal style and lifestyle are equally important.

5. Decide where to buy an Engagement ring

Your engagement holds irreplaceable memory and it is an investment for years to come. So you want to make the right choice. These are a few things to keep in mind as you decide where you will buy your ring.

Do your research. Did someone recommend that designer or jewellery brand to you? You should look at their reviews online and offline. What is their reputation? What is the quality of service?  Do you like their style? Does the brand values reflect yours?

At Kajal Naina, we are proud to say that we are a very upcoming designer brand where you can buy your loved ones the perfect engagement ring.  We take pride in providing the highest quality of service and we work with expert craftsmen.  Our jewellery uses ethically sourced diamonds of high quality and we provide the certificate of your diamond purchases. Happy shopping for your perfect engagement ring with Kajal Naina. 


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