Captain Priya Adhikari: Celebrating KN Women

Captain Priya Adhikari

Kajal Naina #KNstars,  a community of mostly women and here we celebrate all kinds of women. No matter which size, shape or field of life , as long as you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you’re doing it right! Our KN women shine best because they already know this recipe for happiness in life.


Captain Priya Adhikari
Captain Priya Adhikari in KN Pearls

On that very note, we feel extreme proud and are in awe of Nepal’s first and only female rescue helicopter pilot! She didn’t let her doubts take over her dream of becoming a high altitude helicopter pilot. It definitely wasn’t easy for her to change her career from environmental science leading into business administration to finally rescue aviation. She is an inspiration for us women to be brave and reach for our goals. An example that neither gender nor your field of study is an excuse for being made to sit back. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


“I spend my days in a rescue chopper, carrying out search and rescue operations in the Himalayas, rescuing countless injured climbers from Mount Everest” says Capt. Priya Adhikari. It couldn’t have been easy to be the first in a male dominated field and specially in something so dangerous and adventurous.

We from team KN wish you all the best for your endeavours and we’ll always be cheering you on!!!



Along with Priya, I personally know a lot of women who chose to do what they love; have stood out in life and made themselves into a recognizable personality and role model for many. I would like to encourage everyone reading to find out what you love and take that bold step, only then can you climb your Everest.


Kajal Naina Diamonds

Kajal Naina Diamonds


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