Balancing Nursing, Motherhood: Meet KN Supermom Oshin Piya Shrestha

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This Mother’s Day, we’re excited to spotlight our New KN Supermom. Meet Oshin Piya Shrestha, who navigates the challenges of balancing her nursing career and motherhood with remarkable grace.

KN Supermom Oshin Piya

Introduction of KN Supermom

Our KN Supermom Oshin Piya Shrestha is a remarkable individual who effortlessly balances her professional life as a nurse and her personal life as a devoted mom. Her journey showcases the art of juggling these roles with careful planning, adaptability, and the unwavering support of her loved ones. Let’s dive into how our Supermom finds harmony in her dual roles and how her jewelry choices reflect her dynamic lifestyle.

1. How do you balance your professional life and Mom’s life?

KN Supermom Oshin’s nursing career demands her full attention during work hours. She prioritizes her patients’ care,

ensuring each receives the dedicated treatment they deserve. Once she leaves work, she seamlessly transitions into her role as a mother, leaving her professional attire behind for the warmth of home.

Quality time with her family is sacred to Oshin and is essential for her overall well-being. These moments of connection recharge her, providing strength for the challenges of her nursing profession. Through compassion and commitment, she navigates the complexities of her life with the support of her loved ones.

2.Do your jewelry choices reflect your different roles in life?

Oshin’s jewelry choices mirror the different roles she plays in her life. For her nursing job, she prioritizes comfort and safety with minimalistic designs that don’t interfere with her work. These simple yet elegant pieces add a touch of style to her professional attire.

As a mother, Oshin prefers elegant accessories that exude confidence and sophistication while enduring the demands of motherhood. Her jewelry choices—whether delicate necklaces or simple earrings—tell a story of her journey, reflecting her values and the diverse facets of her life.

3. What is your favorite jewelry piece from KN?

Oshin Piya

Oshin has a fondness for KN jewelry, particularly her customized Mangalsutra. This special piece symbolizes the bond of love and commitment in her marriage while reflecting her style. Another favorite is the Jackie pearl necklace set, cherished for its timeless elegance and versatility. These pieces allow her to transition seamlessly from work to social events with grace and charm.

These jewelry pieces hold sentimental value and enhance Oshin’s appearance, showcasing her personal narrative and connection to the important aspects of her life.


Oshin Piya Shrestha exemplifies the balance between her nursing career and motherhood, all while making thoughtful jewelry choices that reflect her journey. Her story is an inspiration to all who strive to find harmony in their multifaceted lives. Let Oshin’s experience encourage you to explore your path with confidence and grace.

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