5 Things to Keep in Mind When Ordering Custom Made Jewellery

Bespoke Jewellery Designer

You want to get a custom made jewellery but stuck to find the right designer to work with. What are the things to consider so that you end up with what you wanted? Let’s get directly to the points to consider when going bespoke!

  1. Your story

A good designer always listens well so that he/she can best bring out the meaning of this jewelry in your life. I would always want to start about you and what brings you happiness. If you ask me, this is the key ingredient to create a beautiful piece that you will wear with love. So first thing is to find a designer who understands this!


2. Your style

Your jewellery should be a reflection of you. Going for a custom made jewellery allows you to have a say in the design process. I’ve had clients who knew exactly what they are looking to make and give me the rough details immediately but not everyone comes knowing what they want. Sometimes I get clients who give me 5 different styles they like and not sure which way to go. 

Best is to sit and discuss about it until you can mutually  pinpoint what best represents you. The thing about bespoke pieces is that you should feel part of the creation. Result? A labor of love that you won’t want to take off! 


3. Materials

You might personally like yellow gold as it really enhances your skin tone while your friend goes for the cool white gold specially on diamond jewellery. Some like their gold to be 18 K while some of you might be looking for 14K or even 10K. I have had a client who made a couple of white gold jewellery but suddenly this time she wanted yellow as traditional yellow has made a huge comeback and she’s finding herself attracted to it now. Rose gold might be a great option if someone is going for fancy coloured diamonds. Platinum and silver are other options in the line. 

Another very important thing to note is if Metal allergy. Usually most women if they’re old enough to be commissioning fine jewellery would know if they have any reaction to a particular metal but I’d always want to make sure. 


4. Use

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this point. What is it intended for? Daily wear or for special events? What is your profession? What kind of outfit might you be wearing. All that will dictate a lot in terms of the materials, appropriate design and also technical aspect to create something beautiful and long lasting for you.


5. Your budget

Last but probably the most important as this sets the limits of what and how much can be achieved. So we have to be realistic here while setting expectations. Bespoke pieces tend to be a bit more costly as your designer will be working exclusively for your that one piece of jewellery and also if there is any extra costs incurred like CAD, mould etc. there are no multiple pieces to share the cost. Be frank with your designer from the start about how much you are willing to spend so that they can work to bring the best within that boundry. 

Leave me your comments if there’s any questions you’d like me to answer. I love interacting with you!

Or if you’re ready for your first custom made jewellery? Drop me line.


Let’s chat over some tea or coffee first, in person or over the internet and see what amazing ideas we can come up with.

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