What I learnt during my New Mangalsutra Collection Launch

Mangalsutra Collection


As most of you know we launched our KN Mangalsutra collection a few weeks ago with a Bang! We even had a special promotion going on!  It is with immense joy that I can say today that it has been the most successful collection so far! Some designs sold out as early as within 1 week of launching and had a queue of customers lined up for the restocking! Talk about getting it right 🙂 

Not just that so many of our clients have been reaching out to us and sharing their stories about themselves and their lives. There were couple of young ladies who connected with simple messages that I felt spoke volumes… Some such messages read: ” I’m not married yet and I want to buy a KN Mangalsutra already! “


Model Mangalsutra


It is messages like these that make my work truly meaningful. What you tell me makes me realise just how much my designs really impact people. Every time I bring out something new I realise my responsibilities, not just as a jewellery designer but also as an influencer. I was able to clearly see the responsibility that comes with having an audience, however big or small, who listen to what one has to say, who are closely looking at what is  doing and who put so much love and trust on you.


After looking at more messages from people who told me what my jewellery means to them, I realised the true meaning of the world-famous quote: “with great power, comes great responsibility”. Even though I know that my audience is not on a scale which is large enough to impact millions or even thousands of people, I do know that my work is bringing positivity and joy to at least that one person – and that one person is all I need. 


That in turn is an inspiration for me to strive to be the best version of myself.

I’m proud to say that in the 3 years that I’ve been working as a jewellery designer, I have been heartfelt and genuine. To be honest, initially, I was not sure if focusing on inspiring happiness or doing meaningful art was the best move for me business-wise. But my heart implored me to be a brand which was about Beauty but much more beyond and deeper. I was luckily able to see that it is the connection I form with my clients that I count as success, it is the cause of the adrenaline which motivates me every day. 

When everyone else around me were mostly valuing only beauty, I followed my heart to create pieces which are not only beautiful to look at but are also very meaningful and give the heart greater joy.  I just knew it that I was creating something worth while. And even during this crazy unprecedented year, people are finding some peace and happiness in the Jewellery that we create here at KN. So you see why it is empowering to me knowing that my clients highly value what my jewellery brings to their life! 

Sometimes you just got to believe in yourself and take the dive! 

Model Mangalsutra

Our world situation is still not much better but we’re learning how to deal with it. And sooner or later it has to end. Until then hope you’re all staying safe and making the best of whatever it is.

Here’s to trusting yourself and knowing when it’s the right time to do things your way! 






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