Top 8 Engagement Rings for Women

engagement rings
Engagement Rings are the rings given to the loved ones as a promise for the marriage or after acceptance of the Marriage proposal. It symbolizes devotion and commitment to the beloved partner. In the past, people also claimed that the engagement ring was a bride’s price, representing the bride’s ownership.

Engagement rings are typically worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, which is thought to have veins that connect to the heart.  Traditionally only women use to wear an engagement ring. The man is usually the one who selects and buys the ring. Today Engagement Ceremony is marked as an official announcement of a wedding hence rings are exchanged by both partners.

The meaning of the engagement ring has also changed throughout history, from antiquity until today. At that time, it was a sign that the bride had received the dowry. Now, it has developed into the romantic symbol of Love.

At Kajal Naina Engagement Ring collection. You have a choice of rings from elementary to a fascinating one. From pave to Solitaires You can find a variety of engagement rings in the Kajal Naina’s collection depending on what suits your style, size and more so your Budget.


1.Sonia Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Sonia Engagement Ring is a pave-set band with a diamond accent and a round centre-cut stone raised by a hidden halo of diamonds below the main stone. It is one of the most popular styles of engagement rings in the world. When seen from various angles, the ring leaves a lasting image.

With our Sonia Hidden Halo Engagement Ring, you can customize the ring with a diamond solitaire according to your shape and size.

Information on the productHidden Halo Engagement Ring

  • Yellow Gold 14K approximately 3.240 gms
  • GH/SI-VS 0.56 ct of Diamonds

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2.Montse Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Engagement is considered one of the best and memorable and celebrated moments in your life. The engagement rings will remain forever to remember this day so purchasing a good engagement ring for your partner can be the ultimate symbol of lifelong commitment.

Our Montse Diamond Halo Engagement Ring centre stone is placed in an interesting cup-shaped setting with pave diamonds underneath. The diamond halo surrounding the centre stone adds to the ring’s elegance while also making it look bigger and more spectacular.

Information on the productHalo Diamond Engagement Ring

  • 14K Gold approximately 2.980 gms
  • GH/SI-VS1 0.44ct of Diamonds

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3.Nicolette Twist Micropave Solitaire Engagement Ring

When matched with the perfect stone, our Nicolette Twist Micropave Solitaire Engagement Ring is very gorgeous and gives you a timeless design. Kajal Naina is providing the option to choose the centre stone with Moissanite or Diamond. Let your ring be a head-turner for everyone in your Engagement. 

Information on the productTwisted Solitaire Engagement Ring

  • 14K Gold 3.2gms
  • GH/SI-VS1 0.24ct of Diamonds

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4.Michelle 3 Stones Pave Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

Three stone on a Pave shank Diamond Engagement Rings represents a couple’s past, present and future. Also, Love, fidelity and friendship for a couple are represented by every stone in the ring. The ring is a very popular choice because of its symbolic meaning. 

Michelle’s three-stone pave shank diamond engagement ring has a bigger centre stone and two smaller stones on either side and an attractive side profile with pavé-set diamond embellishments.

Information on the product3 Stone Pave Diamond Shank Engagement Ring

  • 14K Gold approximately 2.980 gms
  • GH/SI-VS1 0.44ct of Diamonds

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5.Anita 4 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

Anita 4 Prong Solitaire Ring is a timeless design that is simple, comfortable, attractive, and traditional. The four-prong setting on the ring means less metal is used, enabling the solitaire to shine. This ring is a perfect ring set for your engagement with the best price at Kajal Naina.

Information on the productClassic Four Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

  • 14K Gold 1.9gms – 2.60gms
  • 0.44ct of Diamonds

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5.Deana Split Shank Pave Diamond Engagement Ring – Regular

This one-of-a-kind brilliant Oval centre was created by carefully placing diamonds in a sophisticated illusion setting and elevated on a split shank paved with two rows of pave diamonds.

The Deana Split Shank Pave Diamond Engagement Ring is available in 2 different centrepiece sizes – Regular and Large. The given product is Regular size.

Information on the productSplit Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

  • 14K Gold 3.34gms
  • GH/Si-VS1 0.581ct of Diamonds

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6.Kim Swirl Diamond Engagement Ring

Our Kim Swirl Diamond Engagement Ring is a beautiful ring with a cluster setting perfect for your Engagement. The engagement ring is a perfect mixture of classic and modern design. 

Information on the product

  • 14K Solid Yellow Gold 3.53gms
  • 0.611ct of Brilliant  Round Diamonds

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7.Dee Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring

Kajal Naina Cushion Diamond Engagement ring is a perfect diamond that truly highlights the beauty of the diamonds in a unique way. Our cushion ring features a proprietary design that enhances the band’s attractiveness and brightness. The centre diamond is held in a lovely cushion shape by 7 high-quality diamonds placed WITHOUT PRONGS.

From cut to symmetry to polish, the ring is well-suited for a future competitive value. As a consequence, this unique technique sets itself apart from similar products on the market.

Information on the product

  • 14K Gold with approximately of 2.7gms
  • G/H vs approximately 0.80 of Brilliant Round Diamonds

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Throughout history, engagement rings have become a more powerful means for women to express their love and faith in their loved ones. After all, being engaged and wearing an engagement ring is a wonderful experience for a woman.

Without compromising the quality, Kajal Naina offers you the best engagement rings that not only enhance your beauty but also make you realize the values of commitment.

In conclusion, if your choices differ from those of others, the aforementioned engagement ring designs from Kajal Naina might assist you in selecting your best engagement ring.


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