Top 10 Designer Mangalsutra To Express Yourself

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Mangalsutra is that accessory that holds a special part in any woman’s heart. We mean why wouldn’t you, right? Apart from being a sign of your love, this also truly brings beauty within you. Making your collarbone the star, designer mangalsutra is the one that indeed deserves a post of its own.

So, here we are. More than a symbol of love and commitment, the mangalsutra has become a way for women to channelize their inner self and also a great medium to make a fashion statement.

Designer Mangalsutra has definitely become a go-to accessory for modern women. Thanks to the fine details that go well with all forms of attire. Now being aligned with your style and embracing the sign of love can really go hand-in-hand. 

What is Mangalsutra?

Mangalsutra holds a vital essence for married women in Hindu culture. The word mangalsutra is made up of a duo of words -Mangal and Sutra. Mangal implies auspicious and Sutra implies thread. So, mangalsutra is basically a sacred thread or cord.

Largely popular across masses for their classic black beads on a golden chain, a mangalsutra represents the marital status of women in Hindu culture. 

Generally, Mangalsutras are long that extends up to the wearer’s chest. However, this has evolved over time with variations in its forms like a necklace to be worn around the neck.  These days are marked by variations with different Mangalsutra collections and the availability of designer mangalsutra online.

List Of Our Top 10 Designer Mangalsutra

Designer mangalsutra is the new talk of the town. Providing women with the freedom to embrace their true style, designer mangalsutra has proved itself to be a shift from the conventional pattern. 

 This list of top 10 designer Mangalsutra is about to change your accessory game forever. 

1.Asha Butterfly Mangalsutra 

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A little hope that you guys can bear each other for a longer time, right.
On a serious note, this necklace aims to convey the hope for a beautiful future that lies ahead for the couple. The necklace’s butterfly represents luck and hope and promises a world together with positivity, beauty, and love.

Asha Butterfly Mangalsutra comes at a price range of US$1,130-US$1,490. It comes in 2 sizes: regular and small. This also offers complimentary free international shipping. So, how about buying both of them?
This elegant piece comes in diamond-studded wings of the butterfly to the 2 gold flowers with a diamond center and beads on the golden chain. They also come with 7 beads on each side to absorb negativity and provide protection from evil. But this doesn’t provide protection from all the admirers who are about to make your days hard by asking you all about it. So, good luck escaping out of it.

This mangalsutra design comes with14K gold and diamonds and a chain of 18 inches in length which can be adjusted to be worn at 17 inches or even 6 inches according to your outfit or mood.

Product Name: Asha Butterfly MangalsutraPrice

Range: US$1,130-US$1,490

Product Link:

2. Customized Letter Mangalsutra

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For those of you who love being minimalistic with their looks, this necklace is definitely the one for you.

Who would have thought of this brilliant idea of a designer gold mangalsutra that comes with a customized diamond letter that you get to choose? You can now wear your story with the initials of you and your spouse. This is quite a break from the conventional mangalsutra designs with gold and can be a great way of commemorating your love. This Mangalsutra is about to woo you and steal your heart. It is one design that might comes across as quite predictable but yet so unique.

This elegant mangalsutra is made with 14K solid gold and diamond. This also comes in 18 inches chain and can be worn at 17 and 16 inches. Feel free to specify letters in the Order Notes section.

Product Name: Customized Letter Mangalsutra 

Price Range: US$1080

Product Link:

3. Esha Sun Moon Mangalsutra

Esha MangalsutraThis one is a classic for its reasons and is loved by all. If you are philosophical and like to leave things for interpretation, then you might wanna put your hands on them. The name Esha has multiple interpretations like Desire, Woman, life, way of life, the one who protects, and female energy. You get to describe it in your way.

This elegant design captures the differences in your relationships with the symbolism of polar opposites- sun and moon. It basically celebrates a collision of two worlds and how each cannot do without the other.

This art piece comes in a price range of US$870-US$1,160.Lucky 7 black beads on each side of the moon and the sun, this aims to provide protection love in your life.

This mangalsutra design is gold in itself and you get to choose from 14K and 18K solid gold. The dainty little diamonds embedded on the moon show the delicacy with which this unique piece is crafted. The length of the chain is similar to other product offerings.

Product Name: Esha Sun Moon Mangalsutra

Price Range: US$870-US$1,160

Product Link:

4. Esha Mangalsutra with a star

Buy designer mangalsutra online-img4A follow-up to the lovely Esha Sun Moon Mangalsutra, this is for those lovely individuals who just don’t happen to agree on the same movie. Just like the differences between you and your beloved one, this jewelry aims to depict the beautiful story of differences among couples.

Built with a sun placed over the top of the moon, this chain showcases how polar opposites can still come together – a blend of night and day which are incomplete without one another, followed up by a star that guides and reminds you to add spark in one another’s life.

This beauty is quite affordable at cost of  US$940. If you happen to be a lover of Mangalsutras, you can add this to your mangalsutra collection. 

This pretty mangalsutra design is made up of 14K gold and diamond. Similar to previous offerings, this also comes with 18 inches chain which can be worn at 17 and 16 inches.

Product Name: Esha Mangalsutra with a Star

Price Range: US$940

Product Link:

5. Guiding Star Mangalsutra

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A little appreciation for your voice in your head or shall we say your guiding star. Come on, it guided you into finding someone who can keep up with your whacky side. This design is heavily inspired by the star in ourselves. That very shining star, lets us shine and guide us in our darkest days when things don’t make sense.

If you’re looking for something that can really go with your everyday look, then this jewelry can serve the purpose. This is a must to add to your latest nngalsutra. This perfect dainty jewelry works fine either way: whether worn alone or stacked along with other necklaces.

All the mothers out there can pass this piece to their daughters as a gift or token of love to get them started in their fine jewelry collection.

This exquisite jewelry comes on budget at US$675. This mangalsutra design is crafted with 14K solid yellow gold. Diamonds are engraved on the star with a length of 18 inches. You can still adjust them at a length of 16 or 17 inches as per your choice.

Product Name: Guiding Star Mangalsutra 

Price Range: US$675

Product Link:

6. Maya Mangalsutra

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Looking for ways to show your spouse that you love them to the moon and back?

Then this latest designer gold mangalsutra can just be the one for you. The name ‘’Maya’’ represents love and honestly, you wouldn’t find better ways to show your love than with this one.

Heavily inspired by the sun, moon, and stars and their energies, this piece is one of the most famous designer pieces of Kajal  Naina that actually changed how Mangalsutra has been perceived by today’s modern woman. It was originally designed for Nepali actress Ms.Priyanka  Karki for her wedding and garnered huge attention and love across the mass for the unique nuances in its design. 

The moon depicts the powerful feminine energy and universal symbol of love. On the other hand, the star is a reminder for every woman to keep shining bright despite the odds.

This jewelry comes at a price of US$1,490. This mangalsutra work has 14K solid gold and diamond to add that extra shine. You might wanna grab these as they go well with both traditional attire and modern everyday look.

Product Name: Maya Mangalsutra

Price Range: US$1,490

Product Link:

7. Our Sansaar Mangalsutra

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Wanna get big with the gesture? We got you all covered up with Our Sansaar Mangalsutra.

For those globe trotters and multi-country dwellers-your own little world that lays with you by your side, this piece can be a nice way of celebrating that bond. This work comes with turquoise for the earth and diamond for the moon. This work is customizable, giving you the liberty to choose countries closest to your heart. Now the whole world can rest at your beautiful neck. Topping it off, a signature of Kajal Naina, are the 7 lucky classic black beads for protection and style.

This is available at a price of US$1,550. This latest designer mangalsutra is made with 14K solid gold and diamond on the moon. The earth comes in turquoise color giving it a break from the monotonous patterns.

Product Name: Our Sansaar Mangalsutra

Price Range: US$1,550

Product Link:

8. Star Chain

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Stars have always been a topic of fascination for humankind. Not so surprisingly, this can be quite reflected in our designs. Like, who can help it right?

If you’re in a mood for little experimentation and looking to break that stereotypical design, then this can be the one for you. Star chain comes with a minimal design of stars embedded onto them succeeded by black beads. All the celestial body lovers will definitely wanna have these on their jewelry collection.

You can order this designer mangalsutra online at a price range of US$410-US$620. This product is built with 14K yellow gold. This is available in the chain with lengths of 16 inches, 18 inches, and 22 inches.

Product Name: Star Chain

Price Range: US$410-US$620

Product Link:

9.Sun Kissed Mangalsutra

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While the thoughts of getting sun-kissed might leave us in dilemma, with no guarantee of getting that perfect tan. Do you know what you can have,  though? Sun-kissed mangalsutra to carry that perfect theme for the summer.

This latest designer gold mangalsutra portrays the moment when the sun kisses the crescent moon. A perfect blend of romantic and beautiful moon signifying wisdom and power with the full of light sun, representing happiness.

This work is on budget with a price range of US$810-US$920. This piece is versatile and can make a statement by layering them with other necklaces or even on their own. The subtlety in its design makes it good to pair with all forms of outfits.

This offering comes with 14K solid gold and fine work of diamonds in the moon. The black beads add uniqueness to the design. The chains are available with options of 16,17 and 18 inches in length.

Product Name: Sun-Kissed Mangalsutra 

Price Range: US$810-US$920

Product Link:

10. Tara Mangalsutra

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A wish upon a star for a successful and happy future ahead. Last but not the least, this piece aims to hold a star within yourself that cheers for your dreams and makes your wishes come true.

This stunning work comes at a price range of US$1,080-US$1,490. This necklace comes in 2 design options. Etched on black beads, one comes with a beautiful diamond star to hold your attraction. If you’re looking to take your look a step further, then you get to choose to add Mabe pearl drop to the necklace. Either way, these pieces are gonna give you a modern and classy look while breezing through life in beauty and confidence.

This is crafted with 14K solid gold and diamond. The length of the chain is similar to other product offerings.

Product Name: Tara Mangalsutra

Price Range: US$1,080-US$1,490

Product Link:

What Inspires Our Designer Mangalsutra

Before we start with our inspiration behind the latest designer mangalsutra, a reminder that you don’t always have to hop on the trend. If you’re someone who loves wearing traditional golden mangalsutra, then you don’t have to change your style. YOU DO YOU!!

But, you can still experiment with the latest designer gold mangalsutra to keep the traditional essence while getting that modern touch. After all, change isn’t that bad. That’s the beautiful part about jewelry, you are free to be truly yourselves and have the liberty of expressing yourself. Isn’t it?

1. Our customers 

Seriously, our clients’ diverse tastes and preferences have enabled us to come up with the impeccable mangalsutra collection. One of the main motives behind these designer mangalsutra online is to capture the individuality of unique women. Their distinctiveness, attention to detail, and creative ideas for expression of their style really made us bring some serious changes to the mangalsutra collection.

While the latest designer gold mangalsutra is what pops into the mind of to-be brides or most women in general, there can always be room for expression with modern mangalsutra.

2. Need of the time 

The stylist mangalsutra is the result of the need for time. With the change in time, there have been some major cultural shifts. Women today have a larger space to cover and cannot always opt for heavy accessories due to lifestyle changes. 

Designer Mangalsutra online is a great option that really goes well with everyday attire and so we decided to come up with a modern mangalsutra collection. This way you don’t have to get bothered with having to wear heavy mangalsutra that seem offbeat.

3. Nature

Something we all can probably agree on. Nature is the biggest source of inspiration for many of the creations across the world. Our latest designer mangalsutra is heavily influenced by mother nature. With designs of stars, moons, and butterflies, capturing the essence of nature that best resonates with you is what we really aim for.

Significance of Mangalsutra To Her

Here’s why this jewelry holds such significance to her. More than mere jewelry, this is worn by a married woman depicting her marital status. This is meant to safeguard the couple from negative entities and evil intentions. Traditionally, getting married was a huge deal to a woman (Can you imagine?😲)

While we all can be happy that’s not our only priority now, things certainly were not the same back then. This is why wearing mangalsutra was mandatory for the long life of their husband. The groom attaches the mangalsutra around the bride’s neck on the day of their marriage and represents their journey for a lifetime until death departs them. So, yeah you cannot back out once the deal is done.🤨


The changes in time have undoubtedly helped women to depict their own stories. More than for their spouse, Mangalsutra has become a tool for women to express themselves and be unapologetically themselves. After all, there is nothing more empowering than having the freedom to choose your own narrative.

So, whether you’re someone who loves traditional mangalsutra or someone who loves experimenting with looks, try these top 10 designer mangalsutra to express yourself and live your life to the fullest.


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