Supermom Preeti: A Mom and An Ambitious Woman

Continuing the series of appreciating supermom this  mother’s day, it’s time to introduce you to our next #KNSupermom Preeti Adhikary- mother of a beautiful teenage daughter along with an ambition to connect entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities to capital.

supermomSupermom Preeti has switched countries and industries more often than more people switch haircuts. But her roots in Nepal and exposure to life in Singapore, Canada, and the US have shaped her worldview and her purpose in life. 

By dabbling in banking, nonprofits, and tech startups, for over 10+ years, she understands these domains as well as the common threads. Her hope is to bring in the best practices from around the world to uplift the innovation ecosystem in Nepal.

Previously, Supermom Preeti worked as the VP of Marketing/Operations of an AI startup in NYC, a Director at a digital assets investment bank, and now is a Senior Manager, Policy & Implementation at a nonprofit Innovations for Poverty Action. She is also active in the venture capital landscape through various fellowships at funds like Alumni Ventures, Laconia, Republic, Wefunder, etc. 

Preeti lives in the US with her husband, teenage daughter, and hundreds of books. An ex-runner, she is an aspiring yogini and fitness enthusiast. She tries to remake her mom’s recipes with a twist, but it never ever tastes as good.


Let’s find out more about our Supermom Preeti.
1.As a working mom with a growing daughter, how do you find time for yourself?

From the time your child is born till he/she reaches a certain age, parenting is a more physical workload. How do

you get enough sleep when you have to wake up multiple times during the night? How do you understand and

react if the kid is hungry or unwell when he/she can’t speak yet? Afterwards, the load becomes more mental.

How do you make sure your kid isn’t bullied at school, or isn’t a bully? How do you teach him/her good values? How do you put the right amount of pressure so they succeed without feeling overwhelmed?

In every phase, a mom has to put herself as a top priority even though our culture teaches us otherwise. If you are lucky enough to have support (whether it’s family or paid help), take that without guilt but gratitude. List your commitments for the week which might include work and personal obligations. Pencil in some time for yourself, which can be a salon session, reading a book or anything else. For me, ‘me time’ is a workout in the morning which starts my day on a positive note. 

KNmoment: Tahitian pearl necklace


2.What is the most important trait of a woman for you?

Women have incredible traits like resilience and multitasking. But my favorite one is empathy. The traditional (and incorrect!) view is that women are sensitive and hence, not good to manage people and organizations. But our empathy is a strength – being able to understand and connect to others is definitely a plus!

3.How does jewelry have its own place in your life?

Jewelry is very personal and symbolic and my choice depends on the occasion and mood. For daily wear, I have a few simple rings and earrings while for parties I like statement pieces. I strongly believe that your jewelry should be a reflection of your personality and style, instead of looking like everyone else’s designs. 


Supermom Preeti in KN Jewelry: Double Pearl Necklace

4.Would you pass down your favorite jewelry item to your child?

Of course! Just like a good handbag, a good jewelry piece is an heirloom and your first piece from a brand has special value. I look forward to giving my beloved pieces from Chanel, Cartier, Tiffany’s and now KN to my daughter.



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