Strong, Stylish and Inspirational: Meet KN Supermom Pavleta!

Mother’s Day is marked as a very important celebration here at KN and we try to make it fun & Special every year by providing special deals, offers & acknowledging KN Stars by featuring them as a KN Supermom on our Social Channels & blogs.

This year we would like to acknowledge our #KN Supermom Pavleta Petrova, originally from Bulgaria and rooted in Hong Kong since 2006. Supermom Pavleta is a mother of two beautiful sons who are lucky to have such a wonderful and inspiring mom!

Very passionate about short legged dogs, meeting with like-minded women and training Kung Fu, Pavleta is the founder of Stylish Sisters and provides style makeovers and wardrobe edits in a warm, nonjudgmentalsupermom atmosphere.  She is a certified Colour Me Beautiful Image Consultant. Pavleta graduated from the University of Florence with a degree in Interlinguistic and Intercultural Studies, she also ran several family boutiques in her hometown Varna and gained invaluable experience in style makeovers, wardrobe editing, and personal shopping.

Supermom Pavleta started Stylish Sisters not only with the intention to pay homage to the five beautiful ladies who shaped her life so much, her grandmother and four sisters, but also with the mission to inspire women to Look Good and Feel Good Regardless.

Regardless of what?

Regardless of their body shape, lifestyle, age, ethnicity, marital status, budget and so much more. Whether through one-on-one Style Transformation Sessions and Wardrobe Edits, Public Speaking and Style Masterclasses, Pavleta digs and discovers the style of anyone who wants to Look Good and Feel Good.

What we love about her style is that she enjoys putting together outfits for her clients that turn heads as they walk into a room, whether it’s a dainty coffee shop in Sheung Wan for a casual first date or an office building for an important business deal! 

In the Picture: Pavleta is wearing her beautiful Aum Bracelet from KN.

Let’s find out more & what she has to say about her journey as a Mother?

1.As a Mom, how do you try to be a role Model for your kids? 

Not long after having my first son, I read somewhere “Listen to your children, they are your greatest teachers’ ‘. Absorbed by the busyness of nurturing, feeding, and protecting my baby I could not understand what important life lessons this tiny creature could teach me, the grown up, the mother. Wasn’t I supposed to be the teacher, the guide? Over time I realized how deep and how true this statement is.

With my sons, we grow together, and at the same time my motivation to be a better person in every field of my life. We all appreciate it when we meet someone happy, confident, honest, responsible, knowledgeable, reliable, caring, but also curious, adventurous and a little crazy (in a good way), don’t we? We all love to meet well rounded people with a great sense of humour and elegant attitude, don’t we? Those people are magnetic and charismatic. Rare gems. I want my sons to be rare gems. Happy rare gems 🙂 And I try every day, through all my actions, to be a muse for them.

2.What is the best and worst part about being a Mom?

Being a mom is a unique, very special privilege, and I treasure this incredible life experience as the most important mission of my life. 

The beauty of being a mom lies in so many little daily, routine moments, from recognising yourself or your partner in your child, through the hug of a pair of tiny arms, to the long chats about just anything, from favourite dinosaurs to business plans. I love listening to my sons’ plans, dreams and stories. I absolutely love it when they turn to me for advice. Some of the most exciting, filled with pride days have been those special moments whenever my sons received school awards or sports recognitions or whenever I received a genuine compliment from other parents or teachers. 

The beauty lies also in that deep feeling of gratefulness for seeing your children healthy, happy and caring, or, in those moments of laughter while watching together a funny movie, looking at some derpy old pictures or playing a board game. 

The worst part? If we ignore every parent’s unmentionable fears, the worst part of being a mom for me is the cooking…I am an expert in causing cooking disasters, from burned sandwiches to my famous stone cake…I feel like a frustrated alien in the kitchen 

3.What is the craziest thing you have ever done as a Mother?

I think there are more than one crazy thing I have done as a mother. From allowing my sons to climb on places, rocks or monkey bars, that were absolute off limit zones to other kids to going river rafting, trampoline jumping, sea bob diving, rock climbing, zip lining, windsurfing with them…the list goes on. Being a parent is the most incredible, priceless adventure, why not living it fully?


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4.How does jewellery have its place in your life? What about your specific KN pieces?

Wearing jewellery uplifts my mood and makes me feel more interesting. Depending on the occasion and on the mood, I might choose to wear a bold, vintage necklace or a quirky, colourful pair of earrings from Colombia or Mexico or simply to layer a few fun, custom jewellery bracelets. I am particularly fond of jewellery that carries powerful symbols such as snakes, tigers and dragons and of course I love gems too, especially diamonds and turquoise.

Super Mom

Supermom Palveta in KN Jewelry: BLISS- AUM LOTUS NECKLACE

In the last few years, I became obsessed with KN pieces, and my collection of Kajal’s necklaces and bracelets became my…uniform. I meet clients in KN. I sleep in KN, I hike in KN, and I mix and match my KN pieces with pretty much every look and every other piece of jewellery. Wearing Kajal’s jewellery helps me express so many layers of my personality. I also just ordered a custom-made necklace which is going to tell a lot about my life story. Exciting!!! 

Thank you supermom Pavleta for being such an inspiring woman and spreading beauty, fun and positivity with your role both as a mother and as a woman.

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