It’s a KN WIN!!

Dear Readers, 

I have some VERY exciting special news to share with you… 

I won. Not 1, not 2 BUT 3 AWARDS in Singapore’s Pre Loved to Treasure Jewellery Competition!

🏆 FIRST place in the Design category with “Flight of Fantasy ”. This is the category which was purely judged by the judges only. It was such a wonderful surprise!

🏆 FIRST place in People’s choice award for the “Flight of Fantasy”

🏆 SECOND place in People’s choice award again with the “Metamorphosis” 

Taking a moment to blow my own horn as it’s an achievement that I’m proud of. I can now say that with this award this year I have not only been an Award winning jewellery designer but have an INTERNATIONAL AWARD WINNING jewellery designer for 3 CONSECUTIVE years since I started…. a Hat-trick if you will! 

Thank you  so much to all those who voted for my pieces for the peoples choice award! What can bring more happiness than to see ones work gain more and more recognition. 

Sincere heartfelt thanks to Creative Jewellery Studio for the experience and the opportunity to participate.

Special thanks to  Singapore Environment Council and JDMIS – Jewellery Design and Management International School, Singapore

Here at KN we pride ourselves on designing pieces that are not only beautiful but also inspire MEANING. Each of our pieces are designed to have a special connection to their wearers and the pieces submitted for the competition were no exception! And it means a lot to me that people can see through that. 

This competition is extra special for the underlying message that it promotes. The purpose was to bring about more awareness about Sustainability – how also in our jewellery industry we can beautifully promote re-purpose and re-use to designers and consumers alike. Now more than ever our world needs the love and effort of conscious businesses and conscious consumers.

Flight of Fantasy. The star of this piece is a Chinese hulu which is a symbol for health in traditional Chinese culture. Not only does this appeal to my client Terry because she is of Chinese descent, but the Hulu was actually passed down to her by her mother, who recently turned 90, making the piece even more special. Terry was at a point of life changes. The two pearl birds swooping down with the gold ribbon on their beak and carrying the Hulu marks this life change as Terry moves away from Hongkong. This necklace shows that and also carries the story of the hopes and dreams as the wearer embarks upon a new phase of life.


Wearable as a pendant OR a brooch, this piece showcases the organic and sophisticated beauty of the coral gemstone, a gemstone which is known to have healing properties that provide emotional strength to the wearer. We incorporated a customized black onyx gemstone to serve as a border to the coral gemstone and makes the piece pop. Like the Flight of Fantasy, the Coral and the pearls incorporated in this piece were also passed down to Terry by her mother, making them extra special! 


Coral and pearl Necklace and Brooch

Learn more about these pieces and a few others we made for Terry HERE!

So.. here’s to many more competitions and many more wins – I guess you could say it does become a habit after sometime🥂

Special Thanks to Terry Derville Wou for not only commissioning me to design and bring to life these jewelleries but also for allowing it to enter the competition. Terry is now the proud owner of 2 award winning pieces 🙏❤️ 

CLICK HERE to see the rest of the stunning pieces we created for Terry. 




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