Shine Bright Like a Diamond

When you go shopping for something valuable, say a diamond jewellery….

– are you someone who would enjoy doing your homework and finding out some facts before entering the jewellery store?  OR

– would you find that too much of a work and just blindly follow whatever the jeweller has to say?

If you are in the first group then today’s topic will certainly keep you entertained. And even if not, believe me, you might find this is worth spending your 5 minutes 🙂

Display of light

I love explaining this so much because it’s wrapped in the fundamentals of knowing your diamond and literally affects the value of your diamond jewellery….

Beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder but there are a few people who are not fascinated by Diamonds and would not want a second glance or a closer look at one. After all it’s not just any gemstone.

You must have heard jewelers talking about the 4 C’s being the main factors to consider while buying your bling: Colour, Clarity, Cut and Colour. And Rightfully so. Shall we talk about each in a separate day to make it very simple and as clear for everyone? Yes that sounds like a good idea.

Beauty of a diamond is affected by its colour and display of light and only few other gems have added beauty from a display of light.

After all it is the brilliant flash of light, alive with rainbow of changing colours that draws our attention and makes the diamond different from other gemstones.


Usually colourless, transparent materials are not very reflective. However diamond is an exception due to the quality of its lustre.

Diamond can reflect over 3 times more light from it’s surface than other transparent material such as glass.

Due to the diamonds crystal structure and partly due to its hardness when polished its surface is superior to other gemstones, Diamonds have great lustre.


In a diamond that has been well cut the effect is breathtaking as there will be total internal reflection and the maximum return of white light to the eyes. This quality of returning white light from both surface luster and internal reflections is described as ‘life‘ in a Diamond.


White light enters into a diamond and is broken down in a display of rainbow flashes or spectrum colours before returned to the eye of the viewer. Diamonds are more Dispersive than most gems and these colourful flashes of light are commonly called as ‘Fire‘.

When a Diamond displays both ‘Life‘ and ‘Fire‘, Total effect achieved is called 


Lastly don’t forget …

In the different cuts, Brilliant cut is the most efficient and popular cut for diamonds as the angles and proportions help to achieve maximum effect of brilliance.

The more colorless a diamond, greater the possibility of displaying brilliance and Clearer diamonds show more brilliance.

So, that’s it for today.
Keep tuned for more.

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