Mountain beauty necklace

This award winning design is a result of a family trip I made to the mountains of Nepal with my family and fell in love with the wildly growing Rhododendrons covering the mountains.

The glittering diamond necklace represents the magnificent and thundering waterfalls cascading down the mountains and the centerpiece signifies the rhododendrons that cover the mountains. The flower and waterfall suggest the beauty in the wilderness of nature and reminds us of how creativity flows like the waterfall and blooms like the flower, without inhibition- wild, unstoppable, and enchanting.

Gold/ Diamond/ Ruby/ Tsavorite Garnet

Bronze award winner, A’Design Award 2017-2018, Jewelry, eyewear and watch design category, Italy

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Necklace Lengths

Please scroll to see necklace lengths in inches and cm. Kajal Naina Necklace Lengths Guide

14 inches = 36 cm
16 inches = 41 cm
18 inches = 46 cm
20 inches = 51 cm
24 inches = 61 cm
30 inches = 76 cm
33 inches = 84 cm
USD United States (US) dollar

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