Divine Lotus Charm

The Lotus flower is symbolic of purity.

Despite growing in muddy water the flower blossoms on long stalks floating above all the impurity. When you wear this bracelet we hope it reminds you of the capacity of your should to expand and embrace the beauty of life with a clear conscience.

This charm features a  pink full-bloom lotus represented by solid gold set with one ruby dot.  This is representative of the state of your mind at enlightenment or the stage where nirvana is attained.  A lotus sits on both sides of a mother of pearl background so that no matter which side you flip it you will always see the beautiful flower.

You can add this charm to any of your necklaces or chain or bracelets even! Wear it your way.

Or if you’re looking for a meaningful present then look no further. If she/he is someone who appreciates health and spirituality then you are surely going to get a big smile and a thank you!


US $190

  • 18K solid Gold approximately 31.21 gm
  • Ruby 0.05 ct
  • Mother Of Pearl 1.12 ct
USD United States (US) dollar

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