Amethyst Tennis bracelet/ February

A chance for the everyday woman to have the exhilarating feeling of…

…giving yourself a boost of courage and positive energy

…striking up conversations without saying a word

…and marking memorable moments.

Because when you wear something boldly, intentionally, and uniquely YOU people notice… 

And what better way to do that than with your birthstone?

BONUS: often includes an increase of compliments and confidence.

Amethyst jewellery makes an excellent gift for women born any time of the year. The birthstone for February, Amethyst jewelry is believed to keep its wearer clear-headed and clever. Another interesting fact is that since Purple has long been considered a regal color, historically Amethysts frequently appear in royal and religious jewelry.

Our tennis bracelet’s come in an array of beautiful coloured gemstones… birthstones and more.

A modern take on the traditional tennis bracelet setting which makes it an ever green style. The setting uses minimal metal to allow the gemstones to stand out. They are so beautiful and versatile you will want to wear yours everyday!

Available in different lengths and carat weights.

If you’d like one with any special length and carat weights not quoted on the website we can custom make it for you. Please e-mail to us at [email protected]

Please note that colors may vary slightly, as these are natural gemstones.

AMETHYST SET IN YELLOW GOLD option in SIZE 6.5 is in stock. Ready to ship within 2 working days 

AMETHYST SET IN ROSE GOLD option in SIZE 6.5 is in stock. Ready to ship within 2 working days. 

ALL OTHER OPTIONS are made to order. Please allow about 4-6 weeks for us to create and ship your order.

US $1,050US $1,150


14K solid gold 7.570 gms.

Amethyst 4.07 ct.

Total length of the bracelet shown here is 6.5 inches.

Box clasp with double safety latch.

Amethyst looks good in any shade of gold. So if you prefer a certain gold color, we offer the option for you to order in yellow gold, white gold or Rose gold according to your choice.

Available in four lengths – 6 in., 6.5 in, 7 in., 7.5 in.

USDUnited States (US) dollar

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