Mangalsutra 2.0- Modern Mangalsutra Design


Mangalsutra is that one piece of jewelry that cannot be replaced by any other jewelry as it contains both emotions and bonds between the bride and groom. Designer mangalsutra has been receiving much appreciation lately. Providing women with the freedom to embrace their true style, designer mangalsutra has proved itself to be a shift from the conventional pattern. 

The evolution in time is equally reflected in the designs of mangalsutra over the years. Yet the core values for it remains the same. The modern mangalsutra design provides a kind of necklace for the modern woman which is rooted in tradition. Women can wear their narrative of love and commitment without having to compromise their fashion statement.

Women, today, have started to opt for modern-style designer mangalsutras that will embrace their personality and perfectly blend in everyday wear at all instances.

This article explores some unique modern mangalsutra designs to add to your collections. 

Things To Consider While looking for Mangalsutra Online

The wonders of the internet have really enabled us to enjoy the perks of buying stuff online. Mangalsutra is no exception. There are large offerings of Mangalsutra online that provide you with the opportunity to choose from a large variety of brands.

If you want to buy mangalsutra online, then you need to pay keen attention to certain aspects beforehand.  This is because mangalsutra plays a key role for all the strong modern independent women out there to blend stories of love and style together.  So, consider these aspects  while looking for your mangalsutra online:

1. Mangalsutra Designs Available Online

Remember minute details make up the big picture. This implies specifically to mangalsutras. You definitely have the liberty to wear your mangalsutra whenever you like. And, don’t have to wear it as a compulsion.

That being said, there are different mangalsutra pendants available online. And, this can put you in dilemma. Whether you want to go all traditional or opt for a minimal look with the latest designers mangalsutra, designs make a drastic impact.

A modern mangalsutra chain comes with a large range of elements to be incorporated such as diamond, gold and pearls. So, look out for them.

2. Perfect Chain Length 

The selection of the right mangalsutra length makes a vast difference. For all those individuals who love flaunting their collarbone, you can go for mangalsutra with a shorter length. The preferred chain length is 16 inches.

However, if going for a longer length is your style, then you can opt for a longer chain length such as 22 inches to as long as 36 inches depending upon your taste.

A more compatible option is to order an extra loop on the back of your pendant. This lets you adjust the pendant as per your comfortability and attire.


Budget is a prominent aspect everyone should examine when buying mangalsutra online. The cost of the latest designer mangalsutras is highly affected by the quality of metals, gemstones, design preferences and designers involved.

A key factor to consider in your pursuit of modern mangalsutra is that beautiful and impeccable designs are the result of creative designers and constant hard work to deliver quality. So, appreciating their hard work never goes in vain.


Introducing Mangalsutra 2.0 – A New Wave of Modern Mangalsutra Design


Mangalsutra 2.0 is a collection of modern mangalsutra inspired by the role of Pooja (the act of worship) in every wedding in my culture. These are elements that help to ground us, strengthen us and fill us with positivity and hope for the time that follows. 

Introducing Diya, Pushpa, Sakshi and Ful Mala will not only add meaning to your Jewelry but also compliment your beauty and make you feel happy. These latest mangalsutra designs manage to capture and highlight the elegance of the wearer while celebrating the essence of minute details of marriage.

With our Uniquely designed and beautifully crafted range of Mangalsutras, you will definitely find one that will share your story with the rest of the world.

1. Diya Mangalsutra


Remember the time when we used to light a deep at home for pujas with our family? This simple task was such a pure and divine experience. It is that feeling of security and happiness that inspired the Diya Manglasutra. 

Diya Mangalsutra gives a feeling of warmth and calmness coming from your partner in good and even bad times. It is there to remind you that the light will burn away the negative emotions and form a protective shield. Every day you wear it on, you would instantly feel those beautiful emotions, the moments of your marriage and all the love that surrounds you. 

This might come across as just another mangalsutra online. But the fine details embedded in it will certainly mesmerize you. This mangalsutra design comes with 14K gold and diamonds and Ruby with a chain of 18 inches in length which can be adjusted to be worn at 17 inches or even 16 inches according to your outfit or mood.

Product Name: Diya Mangalsutra

Price Range: US$1,175

Product Link:



Presenting Diya Jyoti Mangalsutra which is also another variation of Diya Mangalsutra.If you are looking for a simple and elegant modern mangalsutra then this is the one.

It also has the same concept as the Diya mangalsutra but the difference is how elements are worked through the jewellery. Even the pricing of this mangalsutra is different from the Diya Mangalsutra and maybe it can perfectly fit under your budget as well.

With the minute intricacies and a meaningful symbolic reference, you will certainly be tempted to buy this gorgeous mangalsutra online. 

This mangalsutra design comes with 14K gold and diamonds and Ruby with a chain of 18 inches in length which can be adjusted to be worn at 17 inches or even 16 inches according to your outfit.

Product Name: Diya Jyoti Mangalsutra

Price Range: US$850

Product Link:

3. Pushpa Mangalsutra


Do you want to buy a mangalsutra online that blends the essence of femininity and nuptial bond?  Then, you must incorporate this to your collection. An elegant and absolutely beautiful piece, something that a modern woman could flaunt pretty much anywhere. 

Fresh Flowers are an essential part of every Puja and are extensively used as decorations in weddings; they are so versatile that they can convey any message. Inspired by the beauty and fragrance of flowers the Pushpa Mangalsutra congratulates on new beginnings and celebrates happiness. It holds the essence of love while also embracing our culture of tying the knot, all in Style!

This mangalsutra design comes with 14K gold and diamonds and a Round FW Pearl with a chain of 18 inches in length which can be adjusted to be worn at 17 inches or even 16 inches for those who prefer a shorter length

Product Name: Pushpa Mangalsutra

Price Range: US$1,175

Product Link:



Pushpa Gold mangalsutra is designed for gold lovers with a touch of sparkling diamonds. With a mesmerizing flower motif, Pushpa Gold  Mangalsutra signifies the blissful journey with your other half. This latest mangalsutra is available online and has fine works of crafts added to it, making it hard to resist. ⁠ 

This mangalsutra design comes with 14K gold and diamonds and a Round FW Pearl with a chain of 18 inches in length which can be adjusted to be worn at 17 inches or even 16 inches for those who prefer a shorter length.

This beauty distinguishes itself from other mangalsutra online as it manages to capture the grace and class of femininity beautifully.

Product Name: Pushpa Gold Mangalsutra

Price Range: US$1050

Product Link:

5. Ful Mala Mangalsutra


One of the most memorable moments of any marriage is the Varmala ceremony. With this Mangalsutra, I wanted to capture that perfect mix of overwhelming emotions and fun we experience as we put on the Phool Mala on our Man and as he drops the mala on the new bride sealing the deal. 

It represents the start of something really special and beautiful that is going to pave the path of their life for a unique journey filled with blessings, love and trust. It holds a lot of feelings and blesses the couple to come out ahead in anything they pursue. 

You have to buy this mangalsutra online to serenade the wonderful ceremony.

This pretty mangalsutra design is made up of 14K gold and diamond. Similar to previous modern mangalsutras offered, this also comes with 18 inches chain which can be worn at 17 and 16 inches.

Product Name: Ful Mala Mangalsutra

Price Range: US$1,300

Product Link:

6. Sakshi Mangalsutra


This modern mangalsutra is as lit as fire through its symbolic sense. With Fire as Witness, I promise to uphold all my vows, love and forever keep you safe. The Sakshi Mangalsutra, inspired by Agni Sakshi, adds a pinch of Hotness and cool into your style while reminding you of all the love, care and blessing that you promised to one another. 

The rubies in the flames portray a young and energetic heart willing to take adventures that excite you and is a reminder to always keep that fire of love burning in your heart and do what is best for your better half and yourself. 

This mangalsutra work has 14K solid gold and diamond and Ruby to add that extra shine. You might wanna grab these as they go well with both traditional attire and modern everyday look. This contemporary mangalsutra will also set your style game to fire.

Above all, if you are looking to carry embodiment of your love and buy mangalsutra online, then these lovely piece needs your attention.

Product Name: Sakshi Mangalsutra

Price Range: US$975

Product Link:

Modern Mangalsutra- Jewellery For Women To Flaunt Their Narrative   

There couldn’t be much relevant time to wear mangalsutra for women to express themselves than now. The significance and interpretation of marriage have definitely evolved over time. This also has marked the beginning of the phase where women own their story and dynamics with utmost pride. 

Modern mangalsutra is an emblem of fulfilling relationships built in the form of accessories. More than being a mere sign of marital status, it is a reminder for loved ones of their relationship and the little phases they had to encounter. Above all, modern mangalsutra designs aim to capture the bittersweet moments of marriage and the everlasting journey that lies ahead.  

So, for all the folks wanting to buy mangalsutra online, don’t waste your time searching for the perfect occasion. Instead, confess your love by buying mangalsutra online whenever it feels like. 


A versatile mangalsutra design lets the wearer incorporate modern elegance and traditional notions at the same time. More than preserving traditional elements, today’s women aspire for respecting the tradition. Our new designer mangalsutra is embedded with fancy cuts building a beautiful arch around the neck.

A collection made to remind you of your boldness, your beauty, your culture and most importantly the beautiful moments you share with your better halves. Getting inspired by something and changing it into jewellery is what we do. Modern mangalsutra design let all women encapsulate their interpretations of love and style through one medium.   


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