Doctor & Multi-Passionate Mother: Meet KN Supermom Dr. Pooja Sherchan

Mothers Day month is still on so let’s say hello to one more supermom in our #kncommunity – Supermom Dr. Pooja Sherchan.  After all, acknowledging AHH-mazing Mother’s/women is never  enough!
Dr. Pooja is originally from Kathmandu, Nepal and currently lives in San Francisco Bay Area (mill valley, California) with her husband and son.
She is an endocrinologist specializing in care of patients with diabetes and other hormonal disorders such as disease of the bones, thyroid, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, etc. According to our Supermom Pooja, She enjoys her profession alongside with her active lifestyle where she often hikes, spends her time in nature , yoga, perform kathak dance, plays piano, cooks and most importantly spend quality time with loved ones.
That’s the power of supermom because they maintain their work life as well as their personal life so at ease that they make us believe everything is achievable.
In this session with us, Supermom Pooja shares her Motherhood Journey & her favorite KN pieces with the memories tied with them.

Let’s have a look at Supermom Pooja’s #MOMentswithKN.

1) As a mother, what is the one thing that you tell your son over and over?

My son has the tendency to “hyper-focus” The phrase I find myself mostly using with him is – “ Adi what is the need of Now.” He likes to focus on the interesting and finds it challenging to transition to the mundane routine activities that needs to be done for survival sake. I often joke with him that he is like a “velcro” and gets stuck. Then he calls me an “aeroplane”- always ready to go to the next place, never pauses in one place. I tell him “ you may one day be a brilliant mathematician. But if you show up at your lecture with only your boxers on, I don’t think the students will be listening to your lecture!”

                                     Supermom Dr. Pooja in KN Jewelry: MOUNTAIN BEAUTY NECKLACE

2.How do you balance your professional life and Mom life?

It’s been a never ending struggle to balance work life and mom life but I am getting better at it every passing year. I have a demanding job as a physician which consumes me emotionally and intellectually. When my son was little, his needs were very intense. To be a caregiver to my patients and be present for my son’s need at home was very challenging. As he has grown up to be more an more independent, being a mom and a doctor (among many other identities) has become much easier. With age, I have also learnt to set boundaries, meet my own needs, take time for recovery, relaxation which has helped me be a better mother and a doctor (hopefully). I enjoy my son thoroughly. We spend a lot of joyful time together. Spending time with him has become one of the ways I renew my soul and energy.

3. Is your Jewelry choices  dictated by your different roles in life?

As I age, I am developing my own sense of style regarding what I wear. I feel clothes and jewelry are expressions of your own personality and how you are feeling inside. Something could be exquisitely  designed and crafted, but it may not resonate with you. I like pieces with unique, simple yet has elegance with an whimsical edge.

                                    Supermom Dr. Pooja in KN Jewelry: GLOW- SUN NECKLACE WITH AUM

4.What is your favorite jewelry from KN pieces?

My mother Jyoti Sherchan has gifted me several beautiful KN pieces which I treasure dearly.
My favorites are the Aum pendant and the Rhododendron Brooch. Both are so exquisite, they truly are my most loved jewelry pieces.
Thank you Dr. Pooja for sharing your story with us. We’re so glad to be able to appreciate our #knsupermoms to highlight, to model and aspire to. Hope the rest of you enjoyed reading this interview. 
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