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Meet Terry, a Kajal Naina customer


Meet Terry, a Kajal Naina customer

Meet Terry, an expert in International Financial industry, a loving mother and wife and loves to travel and hike and bike in her free time. Classy and charming she’s a terrific example of a remarkable woman.

Terry came to me with various gemstones and trinkets from old pieces of jewellery that she didn’t wear. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to breathe life into the singular trinkets turning them into elegant and beautiful pieces of fine jewellery that she can wear… And we did! We created 5 new pieces of spectacular statement jewelleries.  

Let’s get to know Terry as she tells us about herself and get familiar with her custom pieces and her style!  

  • How did you land up with all of the gemstones and trinkets for these pieces? 

      My mother turned 90 years old this year & decided to give me some of her precious stones and pearls she has collected over the years. 

  • How does jewellery have its own place in your life? What about these specific pieces?

       I always wear some jewellery daily to add a personal touch to my outfit. These pieces will also add a sentimental value to me while wearing them. 

  • Which one of the pieces is your personal favourite? Why?

      I love each one of the 5 pieces we made but my favourite is the earrings of blue stone paired with peridot and my mom’s pearls. So versatile, got an ethnic touch to the shape and design. Love the colour combination too. 

  • What was your experience like working with KN Fine Jewellery?

      My experience working with Kajal has been amazing. She took time to understand what I like, going through some of my own personal jewellery, knowing my character & personality.  Also involving me every step of the design process e.g. which type of gold to use, etc. The whole process is pure joy & a labour of love.


Wearable art…..

Let’s highlight Terry’s favourite, the story behind them is so special! 

Both the earrings and the choker (which can also be worn as a bracelet as shown in the photos above) incorporate Terry’s personal blue gemstones and Pearls.  Over our discussions, Terry shared with me that she had gotten married to her husband at a church in Paris and her parents had also gotten married at the same church. So when designing this set I wanted to bring some element of that special feeling. After a lot of research and brainstorming this design came to being…which takes inspiration from the gorgeous stained glass windows which can be found in churches. We added the Green Peridot to compliment the Blue and chose to set everything in ethereal white gold colour. 

Terry also really loves statement pieces in Vintage style, and this jade ring made from her mother’s jade stone is just that! The purity and simplicity of the jade stone is paired with the striking Black Enamel and set in Yellow Gold. Beautifully Crafted to withstand the test of time this is another head turner and makes its own statement.


Next up is the Metamorphosis. Made with Terry’s Coral, Pearls and carved green gemstone, this beauty not only can it be used as a pendant, as shown in the photo, but it can also be worn as a brooch, giving it a unique twist and more versatility. 

We are also very proud to announce that this piece was the runner up of the people’s choice category at the Pre- Loved to Treasure jewellery competition in Singapore this September!  

This competition is very special as it aimed to spread the important message sustainability to the Jewellery industry and consumers. All 5 pieces of Terry are a perfect example of how we can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to create something beautiful even in the fine jewellery.



Flight of Fantasy. This necklace that we designed for Terry was the winner of not one but 2 Awards at the Pre – Loved to Treasure jewellery competition! 

As a designer, it is very important to make sure that customised pieces are a good reflection of the client and more importantly the pieces should be their style. Which is why each of these pieces I designed have that timeless vintage look that my client loves but they also incorporate modern elements and techniques to make them perfect reflection of where she is today..  

We truly love each and every one of these pieces and think they are the perfect reflection of Terry! 

CLICK HERE to find out more about Terry’s award winning pieces.



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