Is a Diamond Forever…

Have you ever thought of how wonderful it would be to walk into a diamond store, confidently pick up what your eye fancies and walk out holding it with a smile on that face. Yes, a conscious purchase can give you extra feel good hormones leading to extra happiness.

Now who doesn’t want that! I do- everyday day of my life.

And specially if it’s about getting ready for a special event- you want to look your best and feel your best, It’s not too ridiculous a thought to have right!!

Of course no one knows everything, and you shouldn’t have to know all… but wouldn’t it be great not to feel like a complete blank?

For me I feel a certain power that comes from having some knowledge about certain thing in life, from being able to make your own decisions.

While talking to friends and family, as a jeweller I realised something.

We worry… especially when making a substantial purchase.

We worry:

  • about being taken advantage of,
  • worry about being duped (which happens to a lot of people),
  • worry about paying far more for something than is actual cost (and sit bargaining for everything whether necessary or not),
  • but sometimes we also worry when there might not be anything to worry about (not everyone is dishonest) .

As long as no one does anything about it, it will always be a problem. And so that is what made me want to share what I know, what I have learnt… with people who want to listen.

So as part of that commitment to myself here I am again.

“A Diamond is Forever”

You’ve heard it and I’ve heard it.

Many many times.

It brings to mind a diamond’s timeless appeal and a diamond’s incredible durability.

Since the earliest of times, the greeks have been known to call the diamond “Adamas” which means “unconquerable”.

Yes Diamonds are very durable but there are many misconceptions in this area which we will discuss.

Belief: Too often people think that because diamond is the hardest substance known to man it us indestructible, cannot break or be broken.

Truth: Due to it’s crystal structure, if struck, the gem can split to its atomic layers. I’m sorry if I have shattered your belief but com’n you never totally believed it anyway, right 🙂

***Important takeaway : When inclusions are present they will form areas of weakness and can make the gemstone more susceptible to breakage. So the more cleaner the diamond the stronger it is.

1. Hardness: How resistant is the gemstone to scratching, abrasion and denting?

Hardness is commonly measured on the Moh’s scale. Higher number of scale are able to scratch those with lower number. But the Mohs scale is deceptive. The steps between the minerals are not evenly spaced. For example, diamond is only one number away, but it’s many times harder than gems in the corundum family. Only a diamond can scratch a diamond.

A tool known as Sclerometer measures hardness precisely.

***Takeaway: Since it is so hard a diamond can also scratch any of the precious metals used for settings. For you it means that if you have a jewellery with a loose diamond in its setting you need to get it fixed asap as it can wear through a metal setting over time.

2. Toughness: How resistant is the gemstone to breaking, chipping or cracking?

This depends on the bonding between atoms that make up the gemstone. In diamond Density of bond in certain areas is more than in others. These areas, called cleavage planes, are the major source of damage to diamonds. Any stone, including a diamond, will break if it’s hit hard enough in the right place. Diamonds are tougher in the directions where the atoms are bonded tightly together, less tough where they’re not so tightly bonded. For this reason diamond cutters can split a diamond cleanly.

3. Stability: A gemstone’s resistance to heat, temperature and colour change and resistance to chemical attacks.

Diamonds are very stable. Acids cannot destroy them and they can endure temperatures as high as 750 Degree centigrade! So you know now another reason why you paid much more for this than a lot of other gemstones 🙂 But keep in mind that House fires and jewelers’ torches which can reach that temperature. The cutting process generates a lot of heat which a lot of other gemstones wouldn’t be able to bear, but diamonds are tough.

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I hope you enjoyed our time together today. Until next time.

XXX Kajal

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