Visiting Zenko-Ji Temple In Japan: A Journey of Discovery and Growth, of connecting Life and work as a Jewelry Designer.

Zenko-ji temple, Life and Jewellery

Recently, I went to see the Zenko-ji Temple, one of the most important Buddhist temples in Japan. This visit to this ancient Buddhist temple, without any earlier planning, which happened to coincide with New Year 2024 and the new KN Chinese/Lunar Zodiac collection drop, felt like a sign and blessing. It’s one of those times when events happen that leaves us in awe with the experience when you least expect it. So this is a record of the thoughts of how I felt life and jewelry tied together for me in this visit. 

Zenko-ji Temple


As I approached the temple grounds, the air seemed to carry a sense of tranquility.  The temple’s architectural grandeur and majestic structure immediately captivated my attention. Each step I took seemed to unveil a new layer of the temple’s significance and beauty.

The spiritual significance of Zenko-ji Temple dating back to the 7th century. It is revered as a place of pilgrimage, housing a sacred statue of Buddha remains hidden from public view. The idea that countless pilgrims have journeyed here seeking enlightenment for over a millennium added a profound depth to my visit.

Unexpected Delights:

Amidst, this spiritual journey, a delightful surprise awaited— somewhere along the shops lining the hustle bustle of the long road leading to the main temple, my eyes fell upon a Dragon that somehow I knew I had to make it mine. This year is the year of the dragon, from Chinese Lunar Calendar and I’m a Dragon sign. During the same time we dropped our new collection inspired by Chinese/ Lunar signs. Somehow I felt like this was a sign, a blessing from the Zenkoji temple, adding an unexpected joy to the experience.

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Spirituality and Self-Reflection:

Buddha Statue


While I’m not deeply immersed in the teachings of Buddha, the symbolic representations within the temple prompted introspection. As a more spiritually inclined person than a religious one, I found myself contemplating how I could better myself.

A Personal and Professional Intersection:

A Personal and Professional Intersection:

I had a moment when I thought about Kajal Naina, what we’ve been doing and what are we bringing into this world. Jewellery is not exactly Buddhas teachings, but it’s a way of life that applies to how we choose to conduct our affairs, whether personal or work.

Reflecting on my personal and professional life, I became more conscious of the connection between my inner values and the work I do. Reviewing the brand guidelines I had earlier established for KN, it was a gratifying realization that my work aligns seamlessly with my heartfelt beliefs. My Jewelry may not directly embody Buddha’s teachings, but it does echo the essence of a purpose-driven life.

Acknowledging the need for human indulgence, I embraced the idea that while aspiring for spiritual growth, we are also beings who appreciate life’s simple pleasures.


I am happy to have started my New Year with a visit to the Zenko-ji Temple, a simple sightseeing expedition that evolved into a catalyst for unexpected introspection. It rekindled a desire for personal growth and self-improvement. As I navigate through life, I will carry with me a reminder that beauty, spirituality, and personal growth intersect in beautiful and unforeseen ways.




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