These 9 Gemstones Could Change Your Life

This is another topic I really wanted to write briefly on. ‘Navaratna’ the 9 gemstone jewellery.

Why the interest? What’s my connection to this? 

Personally I’ve a special affinity for the navaratna jewellery. For the beauty that 9 different colours can bring in one piece and more importantly the meaning that it has in my life.  

  • Navaratna has always held a special place in my heart. I grew up seeing a beautiful big 9 gemstone pendant on my loving grandmothers neck that she wore almost everyday. Who else has similar experiences? Do comment in the message below and join the gang.
  • I received my first navaratna jewellery, a pendant on a chain, at the age of  about 13 years. It was a present from my grandparents to mark the coming of age milestone in my life.
  • Later in life, upon my grandfathers passing, I along with my cousins each received a Navaratna pendant and chain as a token of my grandfathers remembrance. It reminds me not of the sadness of losing him but the love that he left behind.

  • Then when I started as a jewellery designer, an aunt in Nepal asked me to design a navaratna pendant for her. This brought my focus back to this beautiful jewellery.

My interest was rekindled. But when I dug a little deeper to see what current jewellery shops were offering I found nothing interesting in terms of design and craftsmanship. In fact, most of them don’t even follow the proper placement of the gemstones! I wanted to create something  modern while still keeping in line with tradition. 

I believe that wearing Jewelry is more than only wearing pretty, shiny things.

It’s a statement of self. An expression of identity, personality and belief.

For many, the metals and stones people wear go even further: Their Jewelry is a source of balance, strength, and guidance in their life.

Yet most of us wear this form of jewellery without really knowing the meaning behind it. So I wish to touch upon this subject today.

In Vedic astrology, all living beings are influence by 9 planets — The Navagrahas. How you’re affected by the depends on how they’re arranged in your particular horoscope and they can either make things very good or very bad for you.

Here’s how Navaratna comes into it:

Each of the Navagrahas has a gem associated with it. These gems are said to regulate the cosmic rays coming from the planets, helping to bring the wearer into balance with them.

Thus, Navaratna (“nine gems”) Jewellery was born.

The specific way the stones are organized (the picture above) ensure they work at their highest potential and prevent a mishap in energies, so it’s very important it’s designed correctly. 

The Navaratna are significant in the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh cultures. They’re recognized as sacred and royal throughout almost the entirety of Asia, across nearly every religious and cultural boundary.

They’re even an official symbol of the kingship in Thailand.

And they’re getting more popular even for those who don’t believe the astrological or understand the cultural aspect.

That’s because they’re so beautiful in how they pull together 9 distinct gems in one cohesive package. This one piece turns dull clothing or things like your simple black dress into something uniquely noticeable, becoming the centerpiece of a fashion statement.

Let’s take a dive into what gems make up the jewelry.

The 9 gemstones

1. Ruby for Surya (Sun)

Ruby represents the sun.

Because the sun is the source of all energy and it sits at the center of the solar system as the King of Planets, this gem must also be in the center of the piece.

It’s associated with improved leadership, independence, and focus. It also protects you from negative energy, psychic attack, and the draining of your energy

2. Pearl for Chandra (Moon)

The moon/pearl govern the mind and matters of the psyche. That might explain why there are so many full moon stories out there.

Wearing pearl can improve your mental and emotional stability and increase a sense of contentment. They’re used to encourage purity, loyalty, faith, and personal integrity. There also seems to be a connection between pearl and the feminine energy.

3. Red Coral for Mangala (Mars)

Mars represents strength within the Zodiac.

Wearing red coral can give you more courage, more energy, and greater understanding. In addition, it’s also known to help you achieve victory in your pursuits. Part of that is likely the protection against negative influences that comes with working with ocean energies (like coral has)

4. Emerald for Budha (Mercury)

Mercury represents  humor, communication and intellect.

It rules the speech of an individual (think mercury retrograde). Wearing it can improve each of these qualities within your life as well as enhance your memory. 

5. Yellow sapphire for Brhaspati (Jupiter)

Jupiter governs knowledge and is related to goodness.

The yellow sapphire in the Navaratna can help you find wisdom and compassion within yourself. Moreover, it has a strong connection to matters of wealth and overall good fortune and a lesser connection to positive mood and outlook. Women tend to be more strongly affected by it.

6. Diamond for Shukra (Venus)

Venus is the planet of beautiful and luxurious things, and thus connected to opulence.

That makes it very fitting that it’s represented by the iconic diamond. The diamond in the piece is there to increase the luxuries, pleasures and wealth in your life. It’s of specific importance that this gem is pure and unblemished.

7. Blue sapphire for Shani (Saturn)

Saturn is known as the Karmic planet and is connected to hardship.

If this sounds like a force you want to be on the right side of, that’s because it is. The Blue Sapphire in the Navaratna is there to help you gain maturity, tolerance and humility. All very handy in helping you avoid hardship. The Sapphire also promotes longevity.

8. Hessonite for Rahu (the ascending lunar node)

Rahu is not actually a planet, but one of the nodes of the moon.

Rahu governs self awareness and is known as a harmful celestial body. Wearing Hessonite neutralizes the negative energy inherent in Rahu. It is strongly associated with relief from mental-emotional difficulties such as depression and strong anxiety.

9. Cat’s Eye for Ketu (the descending lunar node)

Ketu is the other lunar node and is associated with discrimination. Discernment.

The cat’s eye gemstone in the Navaratna helps to provide clarity of thought. It also improves one’s vision in the metaphorical sense and encourages spiritual awakening. Don’t be surprised if you also notice a sharper intuition and creative energy after wearing it.

You may be starting to think that these pieces of jewellery are truly one of a kind, and you’re right. What’s here in this article is just the outer layer, but there is so much depth to the history of the Navaratna and the gems.

The result is something both dazzling in its special kind of beauty and rich with meaning and stature. This is what’s drawn me to it and inspired me to start creating my own exclusive catalog. Men and women of all kinds are wearing it for their own reasons.

Whatever else is true, the Navaratna is certain to become more and more popular.

What about you? Which of the 9 gemstones do you most appreciate and feel that you need in your life? Share it in the comments below!

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