5 Jewellery Style Guide for Working Women

Jewelry Style guide for working women

Every now and then at KN, we get this question “Can you suggest some tips and styling ideas on how jewellery can be styled in my professional look?”  so I wanted to talk about that today. 

In today’s world, a woman has so many choices. Even in the jewellery department. You can find different kinds of jewellery suited for all kinds of needs. And why not? Jewellery has been an integral part of every woman since the inception of civilization. But sometimes having all these options also makes life more confusing. Mixing and matching pieces of clothing and jewellery can be a daunting task for many women. 

So to help figure things out a part of it, we have come up with the ultimate 5 Jewellery style guide for working women. This is truly something for everyone if you have been trying to find a perfect piece or a great addition to your already glowing collection. 

Let’s dig into 5 jewellery guides on how to match KN jewellery with your working attire and go sassy and classy at the same time.

1. Pearl Necklace 

Pearl Necklace Jewelry Style Guide

Lets start with the simple but classy pearl. People no longer think that wearing a pearl necklace is conservative or old-fashioned. Whether it’s a classic strand or one with a more modern take, pearl necklace is a wonderful accessory to any kind of outfit. Wearing the right kind of pearl jewellery to work will give you a more sophisticated, yet fashionable look. Choose from the various Pearl necklaces in our Pearl Collection. It will help to complement your outfit rather than overpowering it so it’s definitely highly recommended to have one or more of pearls in your collection. 

2. Celestial theme pendants and earrings

Moon Pendant and ear stud

We have loved the celestial theme since KN was founded. You can go for an understated elegance with the beautiful moon pendant dangling from your neck while the shining star studs shine on your ears. The simplicity and elegance of these pieces make them the perfect pair to go with just about anything! And one thing we can promise, they will never go out of style! Just pairing them as your everyday jewellery is probably a better way for flaunting in any casual and professional look.

3. Aum/ Om Jewellery

Aum Necklace Jewelry Style Guide

Aum is another symbol that seems to be having a revival of sorts. Earlier you couldn’t find an Aum/Om in a beautiful crafter designer piece but if you are looking for simple everyday Aum symbol jewellery then look no further. You can pair the different Aum necklaces and bracelets in our Aum collection with your yoga outfit, it will adorn you effortlessly cozy T and jeans or even under your office shirt. This jewellery balances your energy with the combined healing powers of the special elements and embraces positive emotions by soothing out your negative emotions. It has been created with love to leave you looking and feeling beautiful, inspired, and protected while wearing it.

4. Floating Pearl Necklace

Floating Pearl Necklace Style Guide

We come back to pearls with this stunning simple pearl pendant as the appropriate accessory for your work attire if you want to add a more modern twist to your look. A longer pearl necklace, just like a chunky pearl bracelet or a pair of teardrop earrings may get in the way or can cause a distraction while working. Instead, go for more simple classic pieces of pearl jewellery such as a pearl necklace that measures between 16 and 17 inches and contains pearls that measure between 8-9mm in diameter. KN floating pearl necklace is a perfect match that will give your outfit a more professional look while staying classy. 

5. Designer Mangalsutra

Designer Mangalsutra Jewelry Style GuideLast but not least we are known for our Designer Mangalsutra’s. You have loved your KN Mangalsutra and it was made for the modern woman’s lifestyle so yes there’s no reason why can’t go ahead and use it for your professional look.

For those who don’t know already, Mangalsutra depicts the beautiful union of a couple and is worn as a symbol of marriage in Hindu culture. It represents a promise between life partners that they will always stay together.

In the present day, a simple yet elegant piece of necklace will be perfect to match your professional outfits and can add up some glam in your looks. Each of the designer mangalsutra in  our collection has its meaning and stories, which is not only confined for the new bride but also for those women who are willing to pursue their dream and way of life. 

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Everyone agrees that jewellery is the easiest way to bring life to your everyday attire and enhance the best features. These modern pieces are simple yet explore an idea of a connection that is seen as a fascinating complexity. Hope, the information we have given above will help you select the perfect jewellery for wearing to work, both now and in the future.


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